A place to call home

We now have a place called home, I said. A place to call home, giggled Kyle and Sierra. You guy's stay here, I mumbled, I am going to find a job. I needed to get food and money to pay my rent. It wasn't going to be a problem I thought; it was just a job… The first place that I looked was at a small gift shop. A girl with short black hair and purple streaks with head phones in at the cash register did not look up. The music was load you could hear the words even though it didn't have a speaker. "Excuse me? I need a job is there one available?" She looked up and took out her ear plugs out, does it look like it?" I looked around at people browsing the shelves and her messing with her nails and chewing gum. "Umm, actually it does" I said to her in a matter of factually voice. But she only replied with a faulting whatever and gave me an application forms that as fairly easy; until I got to the question about family. What are your closet family members you can contact if ill, sick, or hurt? This was my first real jobs so at odd jobs it didn't matter.

I stumbled upon it, thinking of anyone I might have left. I thought of no one, not even distant relatives. Maybe one of my mom's friends I thought to myself. I sighed and wrote down the school I used to go to and handed the girl my application. When I walked out I saw her look over the first page and throw it on her desk. She yelled behind her shoulder, come back tomorrow, you got the job.

I ran through the streets, excited and astonished that I got the job so easily. But at the same time they hired her and she was not even paying attention. This should be easy if she could do that all day long, I had to work for what I got and I knew that with all that I had gone through I can work with this. Since I was not Technically Homeless I couldn't be begging, I had a job and a home. But I had no way of paying for the food besides using my rent money. I wasn't sure what my salary was so it was risky… But I had no food! So I had to take the money for my rent, I don't think it will cost that much for just a little snack, I had been living off fruit snakes and apples for almost a year now.

I rushed home as quickly as I could. It was getting late… or early I couldn't tell I only knew we left on Halloween and it got later and later as we came across the state line, bought the home, and getting a job. I guessed it was around... 5:40 from how it was getting lighter out and all that had occurred. It was quite a walk getting back to our house. It gave me time to think, about everything. The fire; which I hated to think about, The man with the scar that made my life seem lie it was some kind of Friday the 13th movie, and something I hadn't given much thought to… the future. I wanted to get the most out of the future. I knew that when I turned 18 I wanted to legally adopt Kyle and Sierra. I knew they wouldn't have the best life on the count that I had not finished high school and also that I hadn't gone to college and now I am working in a gift shop leaving them for several hours a day so that I could feed them and walk away again to go to bed as the same for them.

Rethinking the Situation

I knocked on the door and opened it. Boostie was running towards me. It reminded me of when I went to Julie's house and whenever some one walked in he would get excited and run to them, jumping on them. KYLE! SIERRA! I HAVE DINNER, WHERE ARE YOU? I yelled to them. I waited several seconds to listen for their reply. They must be playing a game with Boostie and just can't hear me, or maybe trying to trick me.

I walked into my bedroom the first one in the hall. The bead was made and brushed down neatly. I closed the door. They weren't in my room or the living room/kitchen because I entered in there. I opened the bathroom door, and sighed to my surprise they weren't in there either. Back when we were living a good life they always played hide and seek, hiding in the shower. But the Shower Curtain was pulled back and tied in a bunch by ribbon for decoration when it was for rent. They might be playing in their room I thought to myself hopefully I opened Kyle's room anxiously. No one was in their. The bed left untouched and everything in its place. Sierra's room, I opened the door. The bed covers were on the floor and the curtains pulled down.

Where were they? I thought aloud. I lifted up the covers and placed them on the bed and put the curtains back up. Were they kidnapped? Hadn't enough happened to us yet? I heard something fall in the kitchen. I looked up in hope and slowly walked down the hall way and peeked behind the wall. Nothing was there except a can of food gently set on the floor. I didn't understand how it sounded like it was falling. I didn't understand how it got there I hadn't bought anything yet.

Reality hit me, this was really happening. If I had paided more attention and took my time I wouldn't be in this situation. I would be with them and many even with my friends and have my old life back, my old family back. I would be me again. I would be in school, go to college and have my life. The life I have always wanted and pictured. But I hadn't paid attention.

I sat down on the comforter and began to cry. That is what I need, a comforter, I need someone to help me get through this and to calm me down. Maybe I could start over and get new friends to help me find Kyle and Sierra. They would help me and support me. I could work half time and get a raise in my unstarted job. Like that was going to happen. The purple haired girl didn't even know she needed any help when she looked like she did.

A voice in my head told me grief was getting me no where. I had to call the police and get them back before it was too late.