That couldn't be right. There was just no way.

I mean, sure, we hadn't known each other before Megumi decided to approach her one day, but she seemed pretty innocent at the time. Before this happened, as far as I knew, she was perfectly normal.

She was like any other girl her age, apart from being a little childlike. But that was good, wasn't it? It only proved she really was innocent; someone like her just didn't seem capable of malice.

There was always a genuine smile on her face. At first, it seemed like she didn't have regular opportunities to smile. But after a while, she seemed to be a lot happier than she had been before. I didn't think she could've been happy about anything bad. I knew she'd had a hard past, but she'd assured me she'd put it behind her.

I couldn't imagine her intentionally hurting anyone for any reason. She was very gentle and kind, not a person who even had the capacity to harm anyone.

Her speech was always polite, although she'd revealed to us that her family had a much higher social status. But she treated everyone equally, and she always treated them well.

We hadn't known each other for long, but I was sure I'd known her long enough to know that she was very humble and modest, perhaps almost to the point of having a low self-esteem. But she was always willing to listen and learn, because she didn't let pride get in the way, if something like pride even existed within her mind.

She offered help and advice whenever she could and showed enthusiasm even in small tasks. She'd volunteer to do small jobs, washing, cleaning, cooking, and she didn't seem to mind doing work; she told us she enjoyed it.

A lot of the time, she'd go shopping with Megumi. She seemed happy that other people wanted to spend time with her.

That was all pretty normal for a girl her age, as far as I knew. Wasn't it?

So why was this stranger, claiming to be her younger brother, warning us that she was a weapon of mass destruction?

And apparently we were her next targets.