Epilogue: The Beginning

It had been a week since I'd told Negai I'd be moving out, which I had done with the help of the Kawari twins, who had been to Arata so often, they were quite friendly with the local real estate agent. I later on discovered that the real estate agent was a refugee from Yoru Oukoku, hiding here in Arata to escape the war. He'd been pretty nice to me when the four of us had a chat about my living arrangements. His sincerity was evident in the appearance of the brand new villa I now lived in. It was a comfortable residence, and hopefully it would be suitable to introduce Seiza into. Since I was nineteen, I didn't have any issues with guardianship, and I could look after Seiza now.

The immortal war was evidently getting worse. Katashi and Takashi hadn't been too badly injured when I saw them while we were making my living arrangements, but seeing as they were shapeshifters, they could have easily concealed any injuries they'd sustained. Of course, that wouldn't have told me that the war was worsening. The twins did tell me that Fujiwara-san had been killed right in Asa Oukoku, though. Although I still hadn't particularly liked him, he'd still been an ally and helped me to save Seiza. Now he was going to be mortal, but he'd probably keep his memories, seeing as he was considerably powerful. Then again, you could never tell with immortals.

The hourly chime of the clock on the wall reminded me I had to go bring Seiza back from the hospital. I left a pile of folded sheets on the couch and headed out the front door, making sure I locked it behind me before I walked down to the hospital. Everything was fine at the hospital, until I actually met up with Seiza again.

A nurse led him out by the hand, which I thought was just a bit strange, since Seiza rarely touched other people of his own accord. The nurse smiled. "He's shy, isn't he?"

"Y-Yes, quite," I answered uncertainly. Well, that was probably how Seiza would appear to most people who didn't know him. I wasn't sure whether he was shy or just allowed himself to be steered around; he didn't seem to put up much of a resistance whenever Sora attached herself to him.

Then, from behind the nurse, Seiza spoke in his quiet voice, which fortunately hadn't changed. But what he said wasn't quite as comforting. It was the opposite, if anything.

"Who are you?"

I was stunned. I couldn't think of anything to say. The nurse, looking slightly puzzled, quickly explained to him that I was his older sister, while I just stood there, still dumbstruck.

Luckily, he seemed to believe her and slowly approached me. Eventually, he slipped his hand into mine. It was a little awkward to be nineteen and have a sixteen-year-old brother who was a head taller than me and was now very much like a timid child. Despite the awkwardness, however, we left the hospital and reached home without any other sort of external trouble. Inwardly, I was panicking. I really had killed him. There was no other explanation. I mean, what else would cause his amnesia? I didn't think I was even capable of doing such a terrible thing.

I opened the door for him. He entered the house rather cautiously. "It's all right, Seiza, I'm here. I'm your older sister Hoshi." And then I thought, rather guiltily, you used to know that. How could I ever forgive myself for doing this to him? What if he never got his memories back? It would all be because of me.

I led him just inside the front door, removed my shoes and put them away in the oak shoe cabinet. After he took his shoes off, he stared around the front room for a few minutes, shuffling around on the plush carpet floor of the room before apparently deciding it was all right to settle down. His face still showed no emotion, but I could tell he was tired; it didn't take him long to fall asleep on the soft blue armchair in front of the fireplace.

So I'd been responsible for accidentally ending his immortal existence, and I deeply regretted it. But now I wasn't going to let anything like that happen again, accidentally or not. I was going to do things right this time.

The both of us were ready for a new beginning.

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