Ok so here I am thinking Im just an average person that doesn't really have lots of money and never had true parents. Im a guy that lives in Connecticut and has a few friends. Most of them being the people I work with. My emo look gets me teased a lot a work but in a playful way but even as a joke it still offends me. My long black hair with blue highlights makes me stand out from people. My bangs cover my eyes so some people can't even tell if im looking at them.

Well yea im working at Wal-Mart which is my job stacking up the big sacks of bird food. Then I get called from the intercom to go to the main office pronto. So when I go im shacking because im thinking I got caught hitting an old lady in the face by accident a few days ago. But it's not like her face wasn't already messed up.

Well anyways when I go to the main office I see a tall man older than me. He had silver long hair up to his waist and bright gold eyes to go with it. His skin was total pale even paler than mines and that's something. His smile somehow made me blush. But I never thought a man can make me feel the way I did.

My boss told me that this man was new and that im going to have to show him around. His name Ayase and he's 23 years old. My boss also told me that if I show any disrespect im fired. I nodded my head and felt my body heat up when Ayase touched my shoulder.

"So kid what's your name since you know mine I think it would be fair to tell me yours" With that he smiled at me.

"M- Mitsuro" I managed to say.

"So im guessing you're Japanese like me"

"Y- Yea but we aren't the o- only ones"

"Why are u nervous?"

"Umm this is where we stack all the kids' toys." That was an excuse so I didn't have to answer his question. But while my back was facing him I felt arms wrap around me and a hand tilt my head.

"What are you…?"

Before I can say anything Ayase kisses me softly on my lips and I was too much in shock to react properly and so I deepened it. Without even realizing it I was licking his bottom lip begging for entrance. But then I pulled away and told him we are in the kids section so this is wrong. He laughed and told me that im the one who almost made it tongue. I blushed and felt that I was being watched and so when I turned around my friend Momo was about to cry.

He's a boy at my job who has been crushing on me for the longest and tried everything to get my attention. He's pale just like me but has pink hair that goes up to the back of his knees. His eyes are also pink and really big too. His features make him look like a child and his actions are supporting that.

"Momo it's not what it seems I swear."

"Oh then if its not then kiss me also because it's not fair he took your virgin lips"

"Shut up you swore you wouldn't tell anyone!!"

"And you promised I could take your virgin lips when you were ready!!"

"I said maybe and I told you not to say that either to anyone."

"Well until you kiss me im giving you the silent treatment."

When Momo turns his back to me I feel a gust of wind and when I turn around Ayase is gone. I look around but no luck at all. Then when I try to comfort Momo he ran away.

"Damn everyone keeps fuckin leaving me!!"

Then I hear a little girl gasp and a lady giving me the look. I sigh as I remember im still in the kids section and so I left to look for Ayase. I checked everywhere but no look. The only place I didn't check was the dirty movie section and so I walked down and it was empty. Also dark because we never had people there so when the light went out my boss said it would be a waste of money to get another.

"Ayase if you don't show yourself im going to get fired and im going to kick your ass if I do."

I felt something tap me on the back so when I turn around I see nothing but when I face front again Ayase is right in my face.


"It's only me calm down."

"You're so not funny I almost had a heart attack."

"Oh that wouldn't be good because then I would be lonely."

"What are you talking ab…?"

Before I can finish my sentence Ayase starts kissing me and this time he was the one who asked for entrance. I gave it to him and as his tongue roamed my mouth I felt the pressure all go to one special spot. I tried to do something but Ayase pinned me down and I couldn't move with his strength.

"A- Ayase stop please no more."

"But that's no fun so why should I?"

"Please" I said with my voice cracking because I was starting to cry.

Then Ayase looked at me shocked as if he never seen a guy cry and let go. I ran away and started to cry because he scared me but then again I was in total shock.

Am I falling for this guy or do I hate him

With that thought in my head I ran out of the store and back to my apartment. I share my apartment with Momo so its going to be hard for me now.