When I was asleep I swore I could've heard something coming from the bathroom. So I got up trying not to wake up Momo. I got to the bathroom and I see this angry man. I guess he came from the bathroom window.

"Who are you?"

"Who else but your future fiancé"


"Well I said you will find out sooner or later of whom sent those"

"Sent what?"

"Are you really that stupid? The DVDs!"

"Im not stupid im tired and don't yell because my friend is sleeping in the room!"

The man's eyes grew red and he grabbed me by my neck and slammed me on the bathroom mirror making it shatter. I screamed as the glass cut into my flesh.

"He's important to you isn't he?!"

"Let me go I can't breathe!!! PLEASE!!!"

The man released me and I thought I was ok until he slapped me in my face. It was so hard blood came out from my mouth and I slammed into a wall.

"Remember this, I never give up and I will have you one day my love."


He then flew off and I couldn't stand the pain I had going back to the bedroom. Momo woke up FINALLY and was shocked to me in pain and covered with blood.

"Mitsuro what happened to you?!"

"I went psycho."

"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said I went psycho"

"Let me heal you."

Momo removed my shirt and cleaned them off. The pain was horrid and I wanted this to end but I think I handled it very maturely. When Momo was done he covered the severe cuts with bandages.

"Mitsuro do you care to explain what happened?"

"I went psycho! I already told you! Now im going to bed!"

"Ok if you say so I am too."

When I closed my eyes I felt Momo kiss me gently on my head and fall asleep right next to me. He was so close that it made me blush but the warmth of his body made me fall asleep.

Lol Mitsuro said he handled the cleaning very maturely but lets see what really happened back there!!!^.^


"Mitsuro im almost done so stop complaining!"

"NO STOP NOW!!!" (Starts to cry)

"Come on now Mitsuro don't be such a baby im done"

"YAY!! Im never letting you do this again"

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