Taking a hallucinogenic drug can be scary if you don't know what you're doing.

While on drugs the world is different. It could be happier or it could be scarier world. It could be something not recognizable at all. That's how it was on Salvia. The trip only lasted five minutes, but in my mind I was transported to a new world. I felt like Alice in Wonderland as I tried desperately to find a way home.

I learned a lifetime of lessons in those five minutes, lessons so surreal that I must share....

"It looks like weed."

"It's something better, I promise." Ryan said with a grin. I looked at the baggie with doubt. "Mazatec shamans used to use it to enter trances. That's how you know it isn't bullshit."

"So we're supposed to be shamen now?" Joey let out a sigh. "I really don't have time for this guys, I have pick up Robbie in half an hour." He began to put on his coat and gloves to face the winter chill outside. His figure towered over Ryan and I. Ryan who was considerably shorter than Joey, ran after him and began to defend the baggie of green leaves.

"It lasts like five to seven minutes. That's it! It's a condensed acid trip basically. There are no long term effects AND it actually makes you feel better afterwards. So basically it's just five minutes of cool visuals." Joey adjusted his glasses and checked his watch,

"Fine but I'm not going first." Ryan nodded excitedly like a little boy. He began to stuff the leaves into the bowl of the bong. He looked at the two of us and instructed,

"Get the smoke to the mouthpiece and then inhale and hold for thirty seconds." He took the hit and settled on the bed. Joey and I watched nervously as he let out a puff of smoke. Not much happened within those five minutes. We remained silent for the majority of the time, sometimes idly chatting about how Joey's brother, Robbie, was doing. It was quite uneventful until Ryan sat up. His blue eyes staring into mine, his face inches from mine.

"Uhh…Ryan?" I asked nervously. He grinned and backed away.

"That was amazing. The CEVs (closed eyed visuals) were incredible. Aly you have to try this!" He jumped to pack another bowl for me. He handed me the bong and repeated the instructions to me.

"Well….down the rabbit hole, I guess," I joked. Then I took the hit that changed my life.