MHS Tales: Mr. Viemeister

Uniformed students march upon the field

The crowd's cheers unable to remain concealed.

With great rhythm and style and grace

Each band member moves to his or her place.

And who has taught them this wonderful skill?

Mr. Viemeister, the band teacher from down the hill.

New to the school, he brings a different style,

Along with his claims of being versatile,

But members of the band aren't quite so thrilled.

They often find their lips and minds so drilled

That time for outside life is pushed aside,

Replaced, instead, by times of school pride.

Marching on the field and playing in the gym,

Music for the band is no longer on a whim.

His old-school ways bring with them precision,

But with old band traditions they cause some collision.

Former prosperous players find themselves displaced,

And Viemeister's chair placements hard to embrace.

Despite all this, he continues teach,

Willingly giving his time to every and each.