Our greatest opponents do not work during the summer. Our greatest opponents are not dedicated. They do not care, nor do they try, run, or hit. Our greatest opponents wear blue.

Tomorrow night, men, we do not go to war with the -------- Rebels. We go to war with ourselves. Tomorrow night, we turn our batteries on the only enemies that can bring us down in shameful defeat: poor effort, poor focus, and poor execution. Throughout the week, we have readied ourselves for this battle. We have been prepared to defeat these enemies. Our guns are trained, ready to fire.

Sun Tzu said, "Never send troops into battle until after the battle has been won." We have never before gone to war unprepared, and it will not happen this week. We will defeat these enemies, and in our victory, gather up the spoils of war, our enemies defenseless.

The rebel scum will march into our trap, and we will crucify them. We will incinerate their lofty dreams, and laugh as we crush their skulls beneath our heavy boots. When we leave the stadium, I expect to see nothing less than the dismembered, mangled bodies of the Rebels speared into the ground, lying in a pool of blood; their heads impaled and displayed on stakes, as a warning to all who would seek to challenge the Trojans. Break their bones second, their wills first.

They are waiting at the gallows, men, with nooses tight around their necks. Tomorrow night, we drop the blocks. "Vengeance."