they say she drank orange juice
at midnight,
like breathing in sunlight
under the covers.

they say he screamed passion
out car windows,
like whispering life's lyrics
to empty hallways.

they say she wanted to scribble poetry
on her lovers' arms,
but settled for singing disjointed melodies
to the ghost of fallen stars.

they say he wanted to love a goddess
somewhere deep within the storm cloud sky,
but settled for watching angels
succumb to the shards of broken promises.

they say she saw him
in the house of cracked crosses,
and though she couldn't find a saviour in god's sacrifice
she saw atonement in his eyes.

they say he saw her
in the house of last-chance redemption,
and though he couldn't find meaning in god's words
he saw understanding in her eyes.




they say their hearts exploded
on love street,

and we've been driving over the shrapnel
for years.