A/N: who doesn't just want to give up sometimes? :)

I'm Giving Up On Love!

I'm giving up on love

Giving up on "maybe this time"

Giving up on forever, on never, on always

Giving up on red roses and sweet kisses

Giving up on champagne that sparkles like diamonds

But most of all

I'm giving up on you


I don't need a man anyways

Don't need your "I forgot to call"

Don't need the crying, the lying, the stress

Don't need the long fights and sad sorrys

Don't need the jealous stares that pierce like rusting needles

But most of all

I don't need love


But the moment I see that faceā€¦


I can't give up on love!

Can't give up on "I hope he's different"

Can't give up on kissing, on missing, on cuddles

Can't give up on holding hands and first dates

Can't give up on eyes that laugh as loud as thunder

But most of all

I just can't give up on you