The classroom door shut with a loud 'click!' as an olive-skinned beauty walked out of mathematics early, carrying seven, heavy hard-backed books. Her heart-shaped face flushed with excitement at the thought of the double music class she had last. Her perfect bow-shaped lips curved into a smile, thinking of the new piano that the music department had recently bought and her heart accelerated with the hope of playing it this afternoon. With jet-black curls bouncing loosely around her shoulders, she walked down the hallway to the beat of music inside her head. Her purple converse scuffed against the linoleum floors as she made her way to the lockers.

That's when everything went into a downwards spiral.

The bell for the end of classes rang and millions of students started to pour out of the rooms. Panic splashed across her face as she looked back and forth at the cramped hallways and the amount of books she had that could be dropped. Measuring the space to her locker and the possibility of public humiliation at dropping everything, she took a tentative step forward and was abruptly swept off her feet - onto the floor. The air whooshed out of her lungs as she lay sprawled on the ground.

Stars popped in front of her eyes as she heard laughter somewhere to her right. A warm, soft hand grasped hers and pulled her into a sitting position. Rubbing her eyes to clear her blurred vision, she looked at her hero. Staring back at her were the most amazing eyes that she had ever seen. Then, she gasped loudly, thoroughly surprised. They weren't a colour that was in her vocabulary. The colour of trees in the deepest, wildest part of a jungle that hadn't yet been explored, neither by man, nor animal. If you looked carefully, as she was doing, they had a light tint of yellow. Not an ordinary yellow, the shade that stars in the sky were painted.

He looked down at the angel, his angel. A slight blush had crept up on her face under her chocolate skin - the nicest, smoothest skin he had ever seen. Her ocean eyes gazed up at him, panicked and utterly extraordinary. He was speechless at the sight of her, over-awed. He wouldn't even think about those lips that she was biting in humiliation. Those luscious, colour of roses in summer, lips. No, he would not think about them or he would end up grabbing and ravishing those lips.

The eye's owner cleared his throat and that's when his hypnotic stare broke. A boy was crouched over her body, his beautiful face lined with worry. Tanned to perfection, the light sprinkle of freckles along his perfect nose, the cutest dimples either side of his cheeks and light dusting of stubble on his face then started to hypnotise her once again. That was when his lips – kissable, desirable, alluring and the prettiest shade of pink, started to spread in a lopsided grin that she knew she loved so much.

That was the moment they both fell in love. It was like nothing they had ever experienced. It happened too fast, too sudden - they were caught off guard.

Love barreled into their hearts, palms got sweaty, thoughts of 'She is the one' and 'He is my other half' materialized and their heart recognized the person in front of them as their partner for life and what came after that.

Eyes wide and hearts beating in sync, he helped her up, linked his fingers through hers and simply walked down the hallway, not caring who was watching and never looked back. They simply moved on - together.

Same school, sixteen years and they had never met. The second they do, they're in love. Not teenager love or most adult love where in actual fact it's lust. No. The kind of love they felt in that split second of looking into each other's eyes, was real love. Heart-wrenching love. The kind that can never be destroyed. It may lay dormant in the heart for years on end until finally it is unleashed when the right person comes. An un-stoppable force, they could never lose it.

A half couldn't be whole without the other half and so, they were finally a whole.

So the popular boy falls for the geeky girl. Sure, they were a common-cliché but nothing, absolutely nothing, was common about their love. It was unique and had a barrage of different ways to express it. Their love was the soaring, light-hearted feeling that roller coasters or bumps in the road cause. It was like fireworks in front of their eyes every time they locked hands; eyes; bodies; lips. Fate had brought them together and no longer would they be separate, more like could. One couldn't live without the other so there was no escape from their love. They were destined to stay together.

Their love for each other would never vanish, disappear, weaken. It would remain visible in their faces of adoration for each other, it would grow stronger and lastly, it would last until eternity and beyond.

Neither knew the others name, favourite colour, allergies but it didn't matter. All that mattered was although they didn't know each other, their heart did. It had recognized the other as theirs. That was all that mattered, all that will ever matter.

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