It happened again.

I closed my locker, pulling my other shoes out of my bag. This always happen. Everyday some girls would hide my stuff, write threatening letters in my locker, or even put weird things in my bag. I'm used to it and I don't really care anymore. But I don't know if I'm the only one affected here. Anyways, I'd eventually find my shoes in the trash later.

"Another threat?" A voice from behind me said.

I turned to look at my worried friend. "Morning Alice." Was all I said then I gave her a small smile.

"You don't care at all, do you?" Her face looked annoyed.

I put my shoes on, grabbed my bag and readied myself for Alice's sermons.

When Alice turns to mom mode she'd always give out long speeches about me being bullied and me not doing anything. Like I said, I'm used to it, but she doesn't seem to believe me. Every time she's babbling about things I'm not interested in listening, I'd always look at her appearance. As I thought, even when she's angry, she's still pretty. That's why a lot of boys like her.

"You know, you should learn to fix your looks, Katie." I now realized Alice was in front of the mirror inside the girl's restroom, completely admiring her blonde hair.

"I don't need a make over. I'm happy with my current self, thank you very much." I stared at Alice, amazed at how her hands move so swiftly, putting on make-up. Even though she does this everyday, I don't get tired of watching her. I pushed my glasses preventing it from falling from my nose. Yes, I wear glasses.

"You won't be able to get a boyfriend if you keep looking like that." She said, still not looking away from the mirror and her hands were still moving like crazy. Wow. She should sign up as a make-up artist or something.

"I like my brown shoulder-length messy hair. I don't like make-up because I get annoyed when I use them. And most of all, I don't like boys." To say it bluntly, they don't interest me.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." She smirked, how convincing. "But we all know you're pretty. Heck, even prettier than me. You just don't like the feeling of being the center of attraction, right?" Again, a smirk crept to her face. Oh, I just hate it when she does that.

"I'm going to class without you if you don't hurry up." I turned away from her, ignoring what she had said. I told her not to bring up the past but no, she just had to bring it up.

When Alice caught up with me, looking so tired, we head on to our separate class, I was in class A while she was in class D, and as always I got heavy stares from some girls, I got scolded by my bald English teacher about me not having an assignment, and I got in detention for sleeping in class. Ah. What a normal day it is.

"Hey." Alice greeted me with a smile. It was a grin actually. Alice was always so early when it comes to our break time. She was sitting at our usual table in the cafeteria, a table where we're near the window. Alice told me she likes the view there only because Brad, her long time crush, can be seen outside eating lunch with his buddies. They like it outside, obviously, because of their tan complexion. I don't know why she likes him, he's average looking and very noisy, but on the other hand, he's got a nice body mainly because he's the basketball captain and he's very cheerful. He's kinda okay, I guess, if you think about it.

I nodded, sat down across her and put down my tray. I especially picked my favorite fries and burger.

"You, you're on a diet again?" I asked as I stared at the food on her tray. It was water and some weird looking vegetables. "Or are you broke?" I smirked.

"As if!" Alice has been on a diet since school started. She says she gain weight when her family went to Paris. Yes, she's rich.

I laughed, seeing her disgusted face from the weird looking veggies she ate.

"By the way, are you going somewhere after school?"

"Detention." I pushed my glasses from falling from my nose. I've considered this as a habit.

"Oh, yeah. Really, you should quit the 'studying until late at night' thing. "

"Can't help it." I shrugged. "This is actually the first time he gave me detention." I took a big bite from my hamburger.

"Yeah. He usually just scolds you or tells you to get out of his class." Alice grinned and grabbed my fries, eating one after another.

"Hey!— " I grabbed it back from her grasp and glared at her. "Anyways, it's no big deal. We should go next time." I tried to finish my fries before Alice could snatch some. Sometimes she just can't control herself.

"Kat!" I heard a familiar voice from afar.

"Ugh. I told him not to call me that." I whispered to myself, not looking at the guy walking towards our table.

"What's up, handsome?" Alice said, grinning at the brown haired boy now sitting beside me. Oh my, I wonder how envious the girls are, right now. Heh.

"Hey, Alice." He smiled, although a bit awkwardly, he doesn't like to be called handsome or get praised from his appearance. "So, Kat, when are you going to my house?" He was now looking at me.

I scowled as I heard Alice gasped. "You shouldn't say that aloud or people may misunderstand."

"Sorry." He smiled innocently. "So, what time are you coming?" He grinned and reached out for my fries. Why does everyone here targeting my fries?! Seriously!

"I'll be coming at 7 o' clock sharp-" I heard another annoying gasp from Alice. "-to tutor your brother." I added, which I was obviously directing to Alice so she wouldn't think dirty thoughts.

"What about your detention?" Alice reminded me.

"Ah. About that. Sorry, I can't come after all, Kevin." I almost forgot about the detention part. Damn you, English teacher!

Kevin frowned. "Is that so?"

"But maybe she could go next time." Alice smiled at Kevin as if comforting him.

"Yeah. Next time." Kevin stood up from his seat. He was about to go but I pulled his arm slightly.

"You okay, Kev?" I knew he liked it when I called him that. I used to call him Kev when we were little but I sometimes call him that when he's depressed too. It actually became a way of comforting him.

As expected, he smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine." He waved several times to us before he vanished from our sight.

"You haven't told him yet, huh?" Alice asked with a worried tone. Actually, it was more of a statement.

"Not yet." I looked at her face, I couldn't read her expression whether she was worried, disappointed, or angry.

"You shouldn't avoid this matter especially when this matter is about him and you." There was a hint of anger in her words. "You should tell him, otherwise the bullying won't stop." She stood up from her seat and left me there alone at our table. She's mad. Definitely. You could see it from the way she spoke and left.

I heard laughter and loud noises but it didn't help my mind from being distracted from what Alice told me. You see, ever since elementary Kevin's popularity among girls and boys never fail to surprise me. He'd always get love letters and confessions everyday from females. He was always respected and admired by the males. The adults loved his personality. Everyone does. He was famous then and still now.

I know, because I was there. Always, I was beside him. I thought no one would mind. I thought everyone would understand that we've been childhood friends and best friends since we were little and that's not going to change. I thought everyone would think like that. But, no….When we became high school students, the girls started to harass me. Telling me to stay away from Kevin. Hiding my stuff. Putting nails on my shoes. Writing awful words on my desk or notebooks. Despite all of their actions, I refused to give up my friendship with Kevin. My relationship with him isn't that low for me to throw it away just like that. It was something more. And if I told Kevin about it, what could he do? Probably get mad at every girl who had harassed me and get too over-protective of me. I don't want that.

Their bullying continued until now. How persistent are they? They're so childish, it annoys me. But I don't really care anymore. I've gotten used it. And, look at the bright side, it makes me feel more challenged and give my life more thrill. Heh.

Classes started as usual and with me trying to keep my eyes open in every class. It's hard to keep them up, really. After surviving all of my classes without getting scolded, I was ready to get to detention.

"Katie." A girl blocked my way to the door.

"Mia." Ah. Just what I needed. A 'THRILL'.

"You've got nice shoes there. Is it new?" She smirked.

I pushed my glasses from my nose and smiled. "Thanks to you, it is. Now, move." I smiled with evil stamped on my face. I saw her flinch. Coward.

"W-whatever." She walked away just like that. I'm sensing she's planning something bad. She wouldn't just back away from me so easily. I have a bad feeling about this.

"Katie, what did she tell you?" Alice appeared in front of my eyes with a curious face. She was fast.

I grinned. "You're worried?"

"Of course I am. I'm your friend after all. Now, spill it." Her looks were like sharp knives, they were piercing me.

"Surprisingly, she didn't say anything." I smirked and walked out of our class.

"Impossible! C'mon, tell me." Alice pleaded me, how stubborn.

"You know I'm a straightforward girl so I mean what I say." I shot her a 'stop-it-you-are-annoying' look.

"Fine, but tell me if she does something." She gave me a worried look before going home.

I'm not used to going home late but I have to. This is punishment for being too studious.

It took me ten minutes to get to the detention room. Who knew it was far from our classroom? I went inside without knocking. From the noise I'm hearing, there was obviously no teacher so why would I even knock? I saw students flying paper airplanes everywhere. There were some who were sleeping and some were smoking. What the hell is wrong in here? It's like I'm in a ghetto or something.

I walked far away from the other students and sat at the seat farthest from them.

I sighed. "Good thing there's no teacher. I could sleep here until detention times over."

I started positioning my head and trying to make myself comfortable but I just couldn't. There were too much noise and smoke in this room. I think I smell some alcohol too. What is wrong with these people?

"Hey." A guy was walking towards me.

"You're new here, huh?" I stared up at his blonde spiky hair and pale face. He looks like he's on drugs because of his pale complexion.

"Yeah. You could say that." I pushed my glasses from falling from my nose.

"Jason." He stared at me as if waiting for something.

"Oh. Katie." I smiled politely. At first he looks scary but when you look at him closely he's kinda cute.

"So, I see you're not used to this surrounding." He stared at the bunch of noisy people and some smokers.

"I don't mind, really." Seriously, I don't really mind. Ok, maybe just a little.

"Then are you bored or something?" Jason took a seat next to me.

"A little bit." I sighed.

"Right, a little bit." He smirked.

"Why did you get detention anyways?" I felt curious.

"Hm. I always get detention because of sleeping in classes."

"Then we're the same. I always sleep in classes." I smiled.

"You don't look like you'd be a trouble maker; you're more of a studious type." He tapped my glasses.

"Yes, I like to study and yes, I look like a nerd." I laughed through my nose.

He looked at me for a while. It was really awkward. Then he smiled. "You look pretty to me."

"Thanks." I smiled, a bit happy.

Suddenly, someone from behind him quickly punched his head. "You—stop flirting!"

His silver hair and ruby red eyes were amazing. I didn't want to admit this but, he looked like a prince.

"Ah! That freaking hurts Ren." Jason rubbed his head and tried to fix his hair.

"Heh. Want another one?" He threatened. It's not just his appearance that amazes me but also his aura. He looked like a prince but his aura is that of a high and mighty king.

"No, I don't want anymore bumps added to my already bumpy head. Anyways, this is Katie. She's just new here." He smiled brightly at me. What's wrong with him? He was in pain a while ago and now here he is smiling like nothing happened. He sure recovers fast.

"Katie?" The man looked over at me from head to toe.

He smirked. "You could at least pick girls to flirt with."

Wah! I-is he saying that I'm no good. Just because he's handsome, he's getting arrogant and cheeky. This kind of guy, I really hate.

At that time, I don't know what I was thinking. I really didn't think it through. I was shaking with anger and noise around me, I couldn't hear it. I couldn't see anyone—anyone but HIM.

Then I realized, I was holding a pink colored fist, almost turning red, and it was shaking from anger. And there, he lay in front of me, his right cheek the same color as my fist. And he was—UNCONSCIOUS!?

WTF happened!!??