I sat there, thinking what I have done.


I'm sure this'll spread around school. I could just imagine it. It's like it's happening all over again.

"Ms. Carlson, it's time." Ms. Murphy, the school secretary, called from the Principal's office. The way she said it, it seems like I was going to die. She was even glaring at me.

I stood up from the chair near the Principal's office and proceeded inside. Oh, I could even hear Ms. Murphy's evil laugh. I could never learn to like that old hag, just because she's been single since she was born. Ha! Now, who's laughing now?

"Ms. Carlson, are you listening to me?" The Principal, Mr. Koizawa, reminded me with a firm tone.

"Ah. Sorry." He pointed at the chair in front of him and I sat down.

"You must understand why I called you here for." He looked down at a bunch of papers on his desk. Boy, being a Principal must be hard work.

"Yes, sir."

"Then could you please explain why you have done such behavior?" The Principal didn't look at me but the tone of his voice says it all. He's disappointed.

"Well, he was too cheeky and arrogant, acting all high and mighty. Plus, he insulted my pride as a woman." I began to scowl, remembering his stupid face.

"Hm." The Principal finally looked at me. Surprisingly, he smiled. What the hell's wrong with this old man?

"It seems he is like that." He was still smiling. It made me shiver. It's creepy, really.

"Do you know him, Principal?" I was curious.

"Yes. Very much." He must be a trouble maker that even the Principal knows him. Heh. I knew it.

Suddenly the door swung open.

"Hey, old man I'm going home to—"

I can't believe it. I-it's him! The stupid arrogant prince!

"You!" Surprisingly, we both said it with disgust, looking at each other.

"Ren, please do not address me inappropriately. I'm still your Principal." The Principal had a serious tone.

"You—look what you did to my pretty face!" He ignored the Principal. He was pointing at the swollen red bump on his cheek. Ha! You deserved it, asswhole!

"Looks good on you." I smirked.

"Why you—" He could've punched me on the spot but the Principal interrupted. Nice timing.

"Stop it! Both of you!" The Principal was now angry.

Despite being stopped by the Principal, we were still exchanging glares.

"Ren, you should know better not to fight a girl. Katie, you shouldn't provoke his anger. That is all I have to say. Please do not do this again." The Principal turned away from us and pointed at the door.

I bowed and walked out of the office.

"Don't even think I'll let you off so easily." He smirked. "I'll make you regret you even made eye contact with me." He left with an arrogant aura.

I smirked. "Same to you." I whispered to myself.


I really didn't want to go back to the classroom so I skipped. I don't care if I get scolded or something by my teacher. I just want to relax a bit. Maybe have some fun.

I was walking at the park. The breeze felt just right. Ah. Nature sure is good for relaxing.

"Get her! Quick!" I heard a low and large voice from somewhere. There must be a fight. I don't care, it's really none of my business.

I continued my walk but luck really wasn't on my side. A girl ran towards me and hugged me. "Please! Help me!" She was a little girl. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

Shit! I'm weak to these kinds of things.

"Ah! There she is! Get her!" There were two large men. They looked like gangsters. The girl hugged me tightly and I patted her head reassuring her that it will be okay.

"Get out of our way woman or we'll have to force you!" One of the men exclaimed, he had an angry face.

"Give it your best shot." I smiled.

"Why you!" The man with black skin charged towards me. They must be underestimating me.

He strike a punch at me but I dodged it and was able to kick him in the balls. Now, that's gotta hurt. The black man fell flat to his face, groaning from the pain. Seeing an opening the other man tried to hit me with his bat. That's cheating dude. I dodged it with my feet then kicked his face. Both of them groaned from pain. Their faces were priceless. I should've brought my camera with me.

"Big sister's so cool!" Ah. I thought she already ran away. I smiled at her sparkling eyes. She must be amazed.

I pushed my glasses from my nose. "I should escort you home, little girl." I offered her my hand and she grabbed it cheerfully.

"So, where do you live?"

I let the girl lead the way, and when we got there the first thing I said was "Wow."

She giggled. It was a large hotel. It was obviously for the rich people. This girl must be rich. If I think about it, those two stupid jerks must've wanted to kidnap her because she was a jackpot.

We entered the hotel and as I expected the people there wore expensive looking clothes. Everywhere I look there were shiny glass thingys. I felt as if I too was rich. Heh, like that'll happen.

"Now, where's your room?" I asked the girl holding my hand.

She didn't respond and instead ran towards the elevator which made me follow her.

She smiled at me as she pressed the number of her floor. She was adorable and cute. I smiled.

We talked about pony's before we could reach her floor.

It really surprised me. There was only one door. It was the one facing the elevator door. Even the door looked expensive.

"So, this is your room?" She nodded.

I knocked at the door a couple of times. It took long before the door opened. And the last face I wanted to see flashed before me with an arrogant smirk.

Luck wasn't really on my side.

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