Here in Canada, they have something curious called Boxing Day. It's on the 26th of December, right after Christmas. Stores nationwide have sales and discounts. I suppose I could compare it to Black Friday in the states.

As it were, I was experiencing Boxing Day firsthand....inside Complexe les Ailes. The mall was swamped with people buzzing in and out of stores and gathering in groups to chat or text on their phones.

I stood somewhat dazedly next to him. He, on the other hand, looked completely unfazed by the wall of people and I somewhat envied that calm.

I dug my gift-cards out of my pocket and looked at them. "It was really nice of your dad to get me these, but I have no idea what to use them for."

One of these cards was for LaSenza, a lingerie store. I suppose I could compare that to Victoria's Secret. We stood outside the boutique, watching girls rummage through the bras and panties on sale while their boyfriends stood by awkwardly, silently bidding their women to hurry up and buy something.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped inside the shop. I was bombarded by pulsing pop remixes and the scent of some musky perfume. Calm down, I told myself. Don't let your claustrophobia flare up now. Or your fear of crowds. Just breath.

He was right behind me, looking somewhat curiously at the bin of bras in front of us. "Those are on sale," he gestured to them. And so I marched over to them and peered in. Bras of all colors and sizes lay helter-skelter in the plastic bins.

It took me a while to find the right size and then decent colors. I avoided the bright red and lacy ones, opting for simple flesh toned and black undergarments.

The line at the cash register was long and I was forced to stand in line for about twenty minutes. It was a relief to get out of that place. He seemed to breathe easier as well once we were back in the corridor.

"Where to now?" I asked. He shrugged.

"We could check out Game Buzz and see if they have some sales on video games," he suggested. I nodded and so he took off in the direction of the store. I nearly had to cling to his coat to avoid getting swept away by all the people.

The game store was small but crowded and we had to fight our way to the counter. He gently gripped my arm and helped pull me through the crowd. I muttered a quiet thanks in return.

We wound up buying three video games, since they did indeed have a discount for Boxing Day. And I vowed never again to shop on days like these. It just wasn't worth the trouble...and to be fair, the prices weren't that low anyways.