Come play with us,
My little specimen,
And we'll give you a night to remember.

We'll have to sound proof the house
So your screams cannot be heard
By those pesky neighbors always nosing about.

We'll tie to you the kitchen table
Tie each of your limbs around a leg
And duct tape your mouth so you know we mean business.

Where do we start?
Ah yes, the forearms.
We've got plans for you.

We'll slit your wrists
Put salt and lemon juice in the wounds
And rub them with a nail file.

But then you'd lose blood much too quickly.
We need it to be gradual.
We must be patient, my dear.

It's hard to be patient when
The screams, tears, and regurgitation of blood
Are only a slice away.

So we'll start with the fingers.
Pull off finger nails, and jab them with needles,
And dip them in lemon juice and rubbing alcohol.

There's a vein in the inner thigh
That bleeds pretty well.
We'll use broken glass shards for that.

Then we'll slit your forearms
And lick the blood off your wrists
As your life bleeds to the floor.

We'll slit your belly, maybe skin you
And feed it to our pets.
I wonder what you taste like…

Now we're at the face.
You'll be screaming and crying and begging for mercy by now.
I can smell your fear already.

What's the matter?
Boys aren't supposed to cry?
Even you can cry once we destroy you.

The face is for mental torture.
Seeing one's own face be cut and scarred...
Something that permanent really messes with one's mind.

We'll make scarring cuts in the shape of a cheetah's marks
From the inner corner of your eye to the edges of your mouth.
Stick some needles in the pupils…we'll cut your eyelids off while we're at it.

We'll deafen you by jabbing needles through your eardrums.
Can you lift an eight-pound weight?
That's how much force you need to pull off a human ear.

We'll take a thin metal object, shove it between your two front teeth and twist.
Slit the tongue, watch all the blood run out.
Then we'll stick a knife through your bottom jaw.

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.
We'll stick needles through it in all different directions.
How I love those needles, how very helpful they are.

Then we'll just tie you up in the closet
And deprive you of sleep for two days, let you be for a week,
Then repeat the process until you die of stress.

We'll make pies out of your body
Like dear Mrs. Lovett did
And feed it to our families for dinner.

Come play with us
Don't be afraid
Oh, the fun we can have at sleepovers.