This time line rolls by

Like a old movie being played

I'm sitting front and center

watching as these pictures flicker by

Funny it doesn't seem so long ago

that happy memory

I sat and waited watching the scenes

of what will become of me

That girl who had it

and let it slip away

I hope this movie ends

in a much different way

I am tired of the same

worn out

sequences of events

She's smiling

and he's so close to her

she's laughing rapped in his embraces

Then the picture start to break

This scene just doesn't want to play

it keeps on freezing up as he starts to walk away

can't anyone fix it, please

The film flickers back to life

"Maybe" She starts to say as he starts to walk away

"Your just another reason to write just one more dam song."

He turns back just this once

with that same stupid smile

His next and final lines

rings throw her ears

"You cold hearted bitch, I wish we never met."

How many times have I seen this play out

when they both walk away

There's a glitch some place

and it flickers to her face

Tears in her eyes

as she realizes this is their last goodbye

She watches him walk away

so concuss of her mistake

She says those mean words

so he won't know how wrong she was

I've let this movie play

just one too many times

to throw it away

And yet there's still light

an unforgiving truth

I think I found something new

something much better then you

A new film flickers to life

and she's smiling once again

This movie is much better off

a new ending awaits

A/N Idea for a video- Girl sitting in a empty movie theater. She is three rows back from the front but right in the middle. She watches a movie about herself and her ex. It's a little different then a regular movie it's more like a home movie, a little worn out almost has a tan tint to it. There is no real auto able sound from the movie, till the lines that the characters say in the movie. They are happy in love till the movie starts to break apart. The girl is watching herself on film, the film her is not crying yet but they say the lines to one another then there is a slight change in the direction of the camera it falls on her face she is yelling and scramming but you can't make out what she is saying to him. Then she looks at him one last time and turns away so if he looks back he can't see her cry.- The girl who is sitting in the movie theater gets up as the movie starts back at the begins again. She goes to the film booth, and tears the movie out ripping it up, and throws it away. She looks around at the other films looking for the right one. She finds it and puts it on she is smiling again only with a different guy. The theater starts to fill up as she leaves. The new movie is playing in the background of her as she meets up with the new boy in the movie. He takes her hand and they laugh and smile as they walk away.