So there it was; Robert Watterson, one of the greatest Hollywood new stars, trying to promote his newest film: A biopic about the young Leon Tolstoy.

It was an independent film that almost every executive thought it was very hard to make it attractive or profitable, but with Robert as the main star, the task would be a lot easier, or at least, that was the idea, and he was appointed to go to the best platform possible: Live! With Jason Lane, one of the most popular talk shows in America.

-Are you sure this is the right move? I mean, I'm not even sure if I'm ready for Primetime - Robert asks to his manager, Oliver, just before the show begins.

-Are you kidding me? Rob, darling, you're the hottest new star; I would even make love to you if I could…-


-Na! A little joke, I wanted to see if you're putting attention: just relax.-

-I can't. Oh God! What I'm doing? I'm sweating like a hog!-

-Calm down! OK, want to relax? Shut your eyes, and think in something relaxing…-

-Like what?-

-Well…what about your paycheck?-

-Oh yeah!-

Finally after the "meditation", Robert was ready, and he entered in scene while he was announced. Go, smile, sit down at the couch, he known the routine (Because he actually practiced it…)

-So, Robert…Can you talk us about your newest movie?- The host, Jason Lane, asks

-Of course I can! In my next film, I'm the young Leo Tolstoy, who, as you may know, wrote the legendary book "War & Peace", one the greatest books ev…-

-Yeah, yeah, yeah, right, right, BUT, I think the audience wants to know more about the other film…-

-What you mean?-

-You know what I'm talking about: The "Midnight" saga!-

Yep, "Midnight": A book serial about young vampires written by some Jehovah Witness woman that has become the top selling book of the decade, and Robert was the star of the film adaptation.

-But…I thought we were going to talk about…-

-Come on Rob! Nobody will care about that!-

And then, Robert could see the audience: Teen girls, nothing but hysterical hormonal teen girls, every single on of them crazy for the book, the characters, the film, and of course, the actor from the film; The studio was full of them, and just when Robert believed the situation couldn't get any more stranger, he saw the girls taking over the scenario, surrounding Robert, and then, and then…

-What?!- Robert screamed scared, but then he saw himself in his bed, sweating, it was nothing but a nightmare, but before he could recover some of his tranquillity, his cell phone sounded.

-Hi Robert! It's me, Oliver, your manager!-

-Yeah…what's going on?-

-Well you won't believe what I got for you: You will have the chance to promote your last film in "Live! With Jason Lane. What ya think?-

-You know Oliver, thanks but…I guess I'll pass…-

-What? Why?-

-No reason, just…bring me something more "private"-


NOTE: An obvious parody to, well, you all know what; no offenses here, it was just for fun (and send me your reviews, please)

c' ya!