We had some many great memories

Seems now they've gone

Nothing more than a trick of light

Or an undiscovered star

You lied to me said you loved me

Said to trust you to believe

I did

And I fell into a trap

You were perfect for me

And yet I still let you slip away

You were never there, you were across the world

But it still felt as if you were right beside me

I poured out my heart and soul

And all you did was waste it

You made me go through a cellar door

Only to find a trail of never ending darkness

You were never my light at the end of the tunnel

You were just the tunnel

Swallowing me in the depths of darkness

While I am lost forever

You are smoke slipping through the keyhole

Unable to grasp or hold onto to

You are me and everything else

And yet you still chose to walk

You broke my heart and I know you don't care

And for now that sun will never rise

There will be no stars in this cloudy sky

It has no love to survive on

I have lost many things

And I had wished to not lose you too

But wishes will never come true

When there is nothing to wish upon

And I soon hope things will pass

And that life shall go on for me

And I do hope as our presences lie

The sun shall rise in the mourning