As I sit here without you
Lying across my bed
Your face comes to my mind
Our story to my head

Two years ago you came
And my hand you slowly shook
Said you needed something from me
My love was all you took

So many late night movies
And dinner dates we had
After two months of going out
I'd fallen for you bad

You'd hold me so close
When in a crowd of guys
So proud to be holding me
Always luring eyes

We had so much fun
Two kids we were in love
There was always a connection
It never needed a shove

And now a year later
I sit here soaked in fears
So heavily you are breathing
As I shed a few more tears

Life shall never be the same
Without that perfect smile
And I don't know if I can fool myself
When I say it's just for a while

I can't bare there being no time
Until you take one last breath
And God shall sweep away your soul
I just can't handle this death

Your hand is so cold
And I know you are dying
Yet your hand I still hold
As I sit by your side crying

So here you are lying still
Two years from when we met
Two minutes to go before you leave
And the way of life shall slowly set

You gasp for air
I look away
But I dare not leave
I will always stay

You brush my hair back
And my hand you slowly shook
Then breathed your last breath
And my love you took