The sun rises

I wait for something to happen

A hear the thunderous noise

Pulsing through my nerves

I impatiently get ready

I hasten off to a full day

I am followed



I conceal until I am protected

I lay my head down

And stare into nothingness

I slowly disappear

One part at a time

I am invisible

Haunting the halls

I am a horrid storm

I fade into every soul

I am a revenant

Sending depressions everywhere I cease

I am a memory

There, but can't be conceived

I go through each class



I bare the horror as long as I can

I feel these small drips

From my eyes they shatter

I escape a weep

And breathe slowly



I breathe in the worthy

And let out the terror

It is almost over

The end is almost here

My world is getting so dark

Until all I see is one flame

Then its doused

By the pool of black surrounding it

I hear the thunderous alarm again

I'm free



Lost in my yearning to get loose

I am solid

I am visible

I am me

I feel warmth seep into my skin

I am safe


I feel the blood rushing through my veins

I lay down and dream

The sun sets