The stunning girl sat on the bench all alone as chatter filled the air around her. Born into a rich family she was expected to attend these parties, but it didn't mean she had to like them or be involved.

Her corset dug into her back from where her mother tied it, leaving a mark no doubt, causing her breathe to become trapped inside her small, vulnerable body. Golden locks, elaborately curled, cascaded down her back in luscious waves. An elegant, flowing midnight blue dress covered her creamy skinned body, and wrapping around her ankles, hid her pretty blue converse from view.

The girl looked out of her nature coloured eyes, framed with thick lashes that other girls would literally, die for. She saw couples dancing in the middle of the huge banquet hall, fakes smiles a dime a dozen and snow falling outside the far window, creating an unbearable ache in her chest. Then, her eyes locked onto a body that could only belong to one person - Frederick.

Sensing her beautiful, leaf-coloured eyes on his back, he turned, causing her breath to catch, heart to flutter and face turn a million shades of red.

Dressed to the nines in a black tux, he looked as breathtaking as ever. Jet-black hair stopped just below his shoulder, his black curly fringe covering one heart melting eye, the lightest shade of blue ever created in existence.

She watched as his smile stretched across his face as he made his way towards her, then, with palms growing sweaty and an imaginary red light flashing in her head - warning her of the approaching danger, she scooted over for him on the bench that she occupied. The first real smile of the night from her was created right there and then.

"These things are such an insufferable bore", she whispered to the male beside her, not daring to say it aloud for others to hear.

"Then I have the perfect idea, do you trust me?", his sweet, soft voice floated towards her eardrums. Looking at him, she simply nodded, every time she heard his voice, hers suddenly would be nowhere to be found.

Reaching for her hand, he helped her up and they exited the hall after stopping to chat to various friends and family members that were scattered throughout the huge room.

Once out, they ran down the hall, hands keeping them securely together, soles squeaking against the polished floor. Giggling merrily, they skidded round corners, sliding every which way, only coming to a stop when big, heavy black doors blocked their way.

Leaving her with a promise to come back, he strode over to a door and disappeared inside. Seconds later he was out and coming towards her, his long, black coat in his arms. Draping the fabric around her shoulders, he grasped her hand once more and pulled open the door.

Snow instantly blew inside, making both shiver and pull up their collars. Stepping down the steps, they were soaked with snowflakes in seconds but neither cared. They simply stood there, basking in the snow whilst it lasted.

Right outside, the snow fell in a perfect plummet, landing smoothly onto an untouched blanket of cotton wool. The snow had started to fall during the party, unbeknown to the snobby, socialites inside. Their wish had come true – it was a white Christmas.

Even as they watched, snow fell, twirling and twisting around in spirals, dancing in the air, having fun as well as creating fun. Her shoulders slouched and her face pressed against the cold air, feeling the snow swirl around her. This was too unreal, too magical to be looked upon by by-standers.

A snow ball hit her, bursting into sparkling white dust on impact. She turned and saw him, standing there laughing, looking utterly dishevelled. Picking up snow of her own, she threw it, hitting him squarely on the nose, liking how his eyes widened and his cheeks flushed at being hit by a girl.

She watched him swoop down upon the snow, grabbing handfuls of white fluff and beginning to step innocently towards her. A girlish giggle erupted from her chest as she side-stepped a snow ball narrowly and ran for her life in circles from the son of the honourable business man who was currently caked in snow, manners and cares thrown to the wind.

Giggling, they lay in the snow, side by side, making snow angels. Footsteps ran across their creations and fingerprints were lodged in the snow along their bodies. The two teenager's faces were flushed, their hair was windblown and clothes were rumpled and wet but still, they managed to look like two perfect pieces a puzzle. The last two pieces that you try so hard to find under couches and pillows but never quite seem to discover. They were the key to an unfinished puzzle - their own.

The music of the party drifted outside, the melodies and different instruments creating a perfect piece of music that flowed and which sang to the heart. He watched her face, seeing the way her eyes sparkled and ears greedily listened. In the process of getting up, he once again treaded footprints through his angel but none of it mattered, the only thing that did was his desire for her to dance with him in the snow, a chance of a lifetime.

Bending down in front of her, he grasped her hand, lifting her up into a sitting position and asked in a flowing voice of little melodies, if she would give him the pleasure of dancing with him. Immediately she agreed grasping his warm hand with her own cold one, shivering at the impact and standing up. Her hands came around his neck as his own wrapped around her waist, bringing her close making them both realise that their bodies fit together like a puzzle piece.

They danced, round and round in circles, never letting go of each other. They blurred as they spun faster and faster, melting together, their feet working in perfect sync.

Then, the music stopped and the church bell rang for the stroke of midnight. Their time in the snow and their dance was over, time to get back to the real world.

They separated and as she to move back inside the doors, he grasped her arm, bringing her back towards him.

"Not so fast Cinderella, you're not getting away this time", he gently spoke, a smile lighting up his face and at his words, her curving lips mirroring his.

Chemistry sparkled in between the small space that their bodies left. Heart beating faster than ever before, he lowered his head to hers. He pressed his mouth against hers, sparks flying. Cold, frozen, utterly perfect.

It is always described the same – fireworks erupting, hearts beating, fitting together so perfectly that it is impossible for them to ever be separated. But the fact is, the reason it is described like this is, is it's all true.

There they stood, intertwined in each other's arms, lips locked, fireworks dancing around their bodies, protecting them from the inevitable separation that was to come when the were dragged reluctantly home by tipsy parents.

Smiling softly, she broke their kiss, and brought her mouth to his ear to whisper, "This Cinderella never wants to get away from her Prince Charming", before placing her lips back upon his, a promise to never let go.

They were two pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly and no one, not even with scissors, could alter that.

Inspired by watching falling snow in the car. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading :)