So many years before

My life slowly changed

You walked through that door

My heart you rearranged

When our eyes met

Yours so full and blue

Two years after this has set

I still haven't told you

Cause on that very day

That you walked through the door

My feelings were on their way

To dropping to the floor

So many times we passed

And it seems you saw right through me

I know it'd never last

I was so blind and couldn't see

So here I sit today

Crying for your life

But you asked me to stay

And it stabbed me like a knife

So here I stand beside you

Holding your lifeless hand

I feel my hands grow cold too

Like being wrapped in rubber bands

Your eyes slowly open

So shallow they now seem

You look like you're joking

When your smile starts to beam

You brush my cheek lightly

" I love you," I try to say

Your mouth opens slightly

And then you slip away

You hand falls from my grip

And slowly falls to the floor

From my eyes water drips

As you walk out that door