A Reflection Through My Heart

It is really hard to figure out where to start
But all I can say is this poem was written from the heart
You may not understand – so I'll help guide you through
As I begin to read this poem to you

A mirror may only reflect what you see through your eyes
And as many times I've said hello there's always more good-byes
Everything that goes through my mind, everything I've thought
Only reminds me of our amazing past, and just how hard we really fought

You can be a friend or a brother, but you are forever true
So a soul mate is what I shall always think of you
I know you'll always love me, and I hope you know I feel the same
But with everything that's happened I know I'm the one to blame

Before I met you, not one person could tell what I shared
But it felt like you were the only one who really truly cared
And I know you can't be there for every stumble trip or fall
Or when tears streak my face as I'm hanging up your call.

Sometimes I wear a mask, and hide behind my fears
As I try all my might to not break down into tears
You helped me, and without you I don't know where I'd be
A gift, a blessing, the heavens above, that's what you mean to me

You are a wonderful person who has a hand to lend
And I'd just like to say, I wish we were more then friends
But if you wish not to talk I completely understand
But somehow I keep hoping you'll catch my outstretched hand

You are perfect for me, and yet I still let you slip away
And yet I still tell myself it's just some silly little play
But as I reread what's on this paper and look back to what it shows
It makes me slowly put it down and pray you somehow know

I wish you would understand, but I know you never will
But it feels like my world has come to a halt, like a statue always still
I wish I could see things, how easy they should come
Not knowing what life brings you, it's only easy for some

Everyone has their own dream, but you seem to be living mine
But no matter what I do, something's always wrong up on cloud number nine
I'd really like to talk to you, tell you how I feel
But this world is surprising and sometimes so surreal

Everyday I'd like to say, "thank you, for what you've done."
But I can never seem to muster up the words that have come
And for me this love is a candle, burning in my soul
But without I'm so blind, never really living whole

So I hope you don't see the reflection as something through your eyes
But I wish after reading this, there will be more hellos then goodbyes
So, I hope you like this poem, but what I didn't say at the start
This poem is written for you, its a reflection of my heart.