Here I stand in the dark
With so much space, so far apart
Watching you from across the room
While the world between us slowly blooms

The clock keeps ticking away our time
While we sit and wait for it's chime
Across this room you stand so still
And with our dreams the glass will fill

Just you and I in this small space
As I reach out to touch your face
I can span many oceans, and never get near
As I watch you get smaller, my mind fills with fear

I search the dark room, but not a trace of light
Like a bird for the first time trying to take flight
Or a newly grown rose with one single thorn
Or a girl who runs from a heart that's been torn

My life's incomplete if I can never find you
I'm afraid your time is long over due
I can search and search for years and years
But what good is it if nothing is ever clear

I can see you standing right across the floor
But instead of crossing, I walk right out the door
I'm through with playing these games and looking so much
It's not worth just that one gentle touch

I know where you are, so I may come back
But right now I can't see when the world is so black
One day you'll be the light that shines me to the end
And we'll cross that one meter world together, my friend