I've wanted to try this out for a long time. I'll see if it works. If you have no idea what's going on, I think I'm doing it right then. J Here goes randomivity.

They're Just Words.

Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious. One.

"Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious."

So, that wasn't the best sentence to start the date, I kind of said it on impulse. Really, whose vocal points can endure the stress of imitating a whinnying horse, a dying cat from a screeching car, and a pig snorting in the background and turn it into a laugh. I think God was a little unfair to this poor girl. She seemed to take it in stride though, confident to prove what a beautiful person she was despite that laugh. But ah, man, I need to quit being funny because she has such a good sense of humor and she's really enjoying my company. She won't stop laughing and it's hard for me to laugh with her now after having my ears so assaulted for so long. A serious movie seems like a good idea. She's smart and will enjoy it, and we can have a serious discussion about it afterwards. I've got this date thing down good. Who set me up with her again?

"Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious."

Ha, like I haven't heard that a hundred times in my life. It's not biggie, I know he is totally into me and isn't some shallow punk. He has successfully passed stage two of the date: Deal with her even though her laugh is almost heartbreaking, literally. I have never been with a guy who's stayed with me for more than five months. They loved everything about me, but that laugh, it sent shivers down them. Unless I lose my good sense of humor, I shall remain ever faithful to trying to find that special someone who can appreciate my oh so, shall I say, unique laugh. I think this guy is a taker. He is very handsome, has a wonderful laugh and brilliant sense of humor, which he has quieted down on, so he knows what he's doing. He even just suggested the new drama movie that I've been dying to see, to keep me from laughing, sure, but at least he still wants to be with me. I think I like him. A lot.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary. I think I might adore her. Our fourth date and she let me kiss her bye too. Man, it was a nice kiss. I didn't know her tongue was so long, you'd think I'd see it every time she opens that pretty mouth to bay like a wolf at the moon in laughter. I almost like her laugh now. It's almost exactly like her. Sure, people look at us when she laughs, but now it makes me laugh so hard that I choke. We always laugh so much together, I think we could do a really terrible musical out of our laughter. Now, after two weeks, I think it's time to officially say we are exclusive with each other. Surely she will say yes.

I thought we were exclusive the last date, but oh well. I'm glad he likes me. He's so cute, he said he adores me, that I'm adorable and he doesn't see how I was single when he met me. I reminded him by laughing, and we laughed for a long time after that. I think we're going to stay together for a long time. Peter is a nice name, it fits him.

I know I am so lucky to have met Mary. Our four children were all unfortunate to catch the Mary Contrary Laugh Disease, as we call it, but they will find a way to deal with it, hopefully like my beautiful wife did, though laughter. Obnoxious or not, it's the most beautiful thing that graces my ears these days, especially because if she's not laughing, she's telling me to do some sort of chore or change a diaper or go drop the kids off at a friends house. I treasure her laughs now.

I love Peter with all my heart. I couldn't imagine a day without him. He's just so darn funny and a great father. He changes the diapers! A miracle in itself. I never thought I'd get faint from the whiff of foul excrement contained in there, my motherly instincts failed terribly for that part. Good thing he can tolerate a stink as good as he can tolerate a shrieking sound. It almost kills me to hear all four children, baby including, laughing my laugh. To think what I put my poor parents through. When I complain Peter just holds me and laughs. What a man.

"Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious."

Okay, that wasn't very smart, I have to say. I really have to tell myself that again as I leave the emergency room with four stitches above my left eye and a black bruise that will get me the attention of every small time employee at my conglomerate business I work for. Sherri wasn't lying when she said for me to stay away from her ex-husband at the family reunion. I always was a hothead.

"Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious."

Poor Simon. He never was a smart one, but damn he's good in bed and has enough money to support me. I guess he's as good as I can get and I shouldn't complain but he's only 5'9 and my ex Richard is 6'2 and a good one hundred and fifty pounds more of pure football playing muscle. Shouldn't a normal man be able to tell the difference in who he can and can not take on? I heard the punch connect with my new husband before it even fell, and certainly before he himself did. I just stood shaking my head and staring at Richard while he smiled at me. Does he think he is going to get me back while he still has a wedding ring from my twin sister on his hand?

I didn't remember blacking out but when I came to in the hospital, Sherri was a little angry at me. At me! I was the one who got punched. When we got home that night she wouldn't stop talking about Richard, in fact, she hardly ever does. The only thing I know to shut her up is to do the thing that married couples do…that's normal though? She's only been divorced for a couple of weeks, surely she'll still think about him from time to time. And her sister doesn't help matters out either. She's other here constantly chattering about Richard's anatomy and I'm not sure who despises her more, me or my wife.

I swear, that little tramp is going down. How dare she come and brag about Richard's penis! I was married to him for three years before she put her grubby little hands on him when he was drunk and he thought she was me! I know what he can do with it, damnit! I would have forgiven him if he hadn't left me because apparently she is the same as me but can do it better. I'll find a way to get them both back, and when I do, it's going to be as ugly as Simon's little white ass.

"Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious."

Don't tell me I actually said that out loud. Please, please, please, don't kill me, Mr. Jock. He passed me by, I think I'm safe. That's what all ran through my head before he dumped his plate of disgusting cafeteria special all over my head. I just couldn't stand him laughing that fake laugh at the girl I've been wanting to date for three years now! I mean, I have so many pictures of her and…I guess that was unnecessary information. Apparently though, she thought the same because now here she is, outside the janitor's closet waiting for me to tell me how brilliant she thought I was standing up to that jock.

"Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious."

I had to keep from laughing out loud. That loser really just said that to this loser? It seemed inevitable that Michael would pour his food all over Lance. Lance is lucky he wasn't punched in the face. The guy was right though, Michael's life really was obnoxious. I wonder if Lance is maybe a little bit cooler than a lone wolf. His face was priceless when I said, "That was really stupid."

Oh, my heart. She just called me stupid, I am forever lost to her affection and fantasies of my head in her lap and her petting my hair and, yeah I guess I am a loser. Anyways, after scolding me for my stupidity, she went on to say how kind of cool I was for saying it. I think I have a chance of really asking Natalie Amourant to prom!

So, Lance really is a loser. He just had a lapse from it and spurted that out. It doesn't mean he's cool for that. He's definitely cramping me up and I have to get rid of him fast before my fairly average standing in popularity drops down to Lance being my one and only. I can't imagine staying anywhere near this weirdo for a moment more. All he talks about is video games, sic-fi flicks, and I'm sure he'd love to share his weird cartoon porn with me. I'm totally creeped out and if he doesn't leave me alone I might just go out with the jock just to teach him a lesson.

How does she already hate me after less than a week? She ignores me completely now and walks away from me. I'm not giving up! I am cool! I can be a good boyfriend for her, and I'm totally not a stalker about it either. I only follow her home because she refuses to acknowledge my invitation to walk her home for her safety! She's too pretty to walk by herself. I think I have to stop that because her big brother is home from college and kind of threatened to beat me and call the cops afterwards. I have to find a way to show her how cool I am.

What a total loser. Really? He came to school dressed up like he was John Travolta from Grease, complete with sunglasses and skin tight clothes. As funny as that is, this needs to stop. I'm a little concerned now at how bad he's pursuing me. I can not have this kind of drama on my tail if I'm going to make it on the cheerleading squad. They will not accept a girl with a loser tailing her and possibly causing rumors to start about the other cheerleaders.

"Wow, your laugh is really obnoxious."