Secrets scribed and swallowed,
Tight-lipped memoirs in
Wine-stained bottles that bubble
Bread crumb
Eulogies all the way to our sandy

Half-cocked steamboats
Barrel through these
Arteries, their
Fully loaded demands
Sermonizing echoes
In concrete canals, and you're
Branding your buildings like
Spilling abstracts along the pavement
In bloodied asbestos finger paints, while these
Pitter patter footsteps trip trap through your masterpiece,
Dedicating Garmin trails
In a lovely shade of size 7 Expectations.

So I'll pick your handle off the cradle
As your line keeps slicing through currents,
Dicing decency and waving
Lured pennants
That beg me to bite the bullshit; and as
Static fusses over the distance I'll
Tangle the cord around your
Band it like Salvation
And bury my grudges into your
Crooning my reassurances while
Carving a tetanus boulevard along your face,
Dropping your hook like an anchor
And locking your wolf away.