She thought about why she'd come there.

It was as if something unknown had pulled her to that spot. She loved the sea she decided. Its beauty, its majestic and cruel power, the sheer wild force it radiated simply delighted her. She loved being near it.

As she stood there under the moonlight, looking at the waves crashing on the shore, she shivered reveling in the magic surrounding her. She closed her eyes and felt the cool sea spray on her face. She dared to walk a little closer, knowing all the while the power that lay in the waves to pull her in and make her one with the water.

For a long time it was absolutely silent save the roar of the waves and the breeze. Then she heard soft footfalls in the sand…

She turned around surprised, only to find a pair of the palest eyes she'd ever seen in her life. She gasped, as she'd never expected anyone else to be up so late. She took a step back and appraised the stranger critically.

He was beautiful, lanky, tall with boyish looks, lush curls whose colour she had trouble discerning in the moonlight; pale, pale eyes and a shy smile playing at his lips. She was suddenly distracted by this strange man's attire. His only piece of clothing seemed to be a pair of old, torn jeans held up by an equally old leather belt: It showed off his magnificent body she thought and blushed as inappropriate thoughts raced through her mind.

His smile widened as if he understood what was going on in her head. He took a step closer; she did not move back this time. He held out one hand and encouraged her to take it with a nod of his head. She noticed an odd shaped bracelet hung from his wrist. She hesitated for a few seconds but shrugged it off, gave herself away to the thrill of the moment and took the beautiful stranger's hand…

He pulled her close and put his hands around her waist. She was so close she could have practically kissed him if she raised her head by a few inches. She tried looking into his eyes and found that she couldn't hold his gaze. Her eyes dropped. She felt his hand under her chin gently raising her face. She looked up shyly and saw a provocative smile on his lips. She blushed slightly as she felt his other hand brush against the small of her back.

Would she care for a dance, he asked her. His voice matched his attractiveness. She looked puzzled at this odd request; how could they dance without any music she wondered. Nevertheless she accepted his offer.

He pulled her closer, and all of a sudden she heard a most haunting tune….they seemed to be surrounded by it, him and her.

He started leading her and she felt herself move with this odd rhythm. They both kept dancing for a long, long time under the moonlit sky. Suddenly as it had started the music stopped. They were both breathless; She looked at him and felt his eyes boring into hers. And before she knew it, he put one hand on her cheek and lowered his face towards her. Their lips met. They kissed each other passionately. She broke off with a gasp. He kissed the tip of her nose and lifted her up in his strong arms and carried nearer to the sea.

He lay her down on the sand, the waves touching her feet. She shivered slightly, the waves felt cool on her hot skin. He lay down beside her, one hand around her waist and the other tracing her features; her eyes, nose, lips. She shivered again and this time she knew it was not from the water but from his touch. A part of her admonished her for being reckless, but she paid no heed to it for desire burned within her; she wanted to be with this man.

She felt her hands go up to his chest. He's wearing a pendant, she thought, I didn't notice it before. She felt him start to kiss her behind her ear, felt him trail kisses down her neck. She moaned softly, put one hand around his shoulders and one in his luscious curls. He brushed his lips along her cheek bones down to her lips. She raised her head and kissed him fiercely, desire burning through her soul. He hesitated for a second, surprised with her passion but kissed her back with a vengeance. She stopped kissing him and started undressing herself. He started kissing her again, while helping her with her clothes….

They made passionate love on the beach under the pale moonlit sky….

She woke up to the sound of her alarm. She was in her room at the hotel. It was all a dream she thought, but it felt so real. She felt a little sad as she dressed up to go down for the third day of her conference. As she was about to leave she noticed something on her table which was not hers. It was the odd bracelet which was in the stranger's wrist. She felt slightly excited at the possibility of her night-time encounter being true. She kept the bracelet down and went out of the room.

As on the previous three days she'd been staying at the hotel, she went and greeted the manager and asked her about her health.

As she was talking with manager she noticed a photograph near the corner of the table and gave a loud gasp. It was the mysterious stranger she'd met the previous night. Is something wrong, the concerned manager asked her. Nothing she replied, who is that in the picture she asked in turn. She saw a look of sadness flash across the woman's face. It was my son, she said softly, he died exactly a year ago while rescuing a small girl during a sudden storm. Nothing was ever found of him. He was only twenty seven.

The woman started sobbing softly. She looked bewildered; died! Then how was it possible that she'd met him on the beach, danced with him, made love to him…

She suddenly felt light headed and excused herself and went up to her room.

The bracelet was still there. How could it be, she thought confused. He's dead, unless it was a miracle….something magical which cannot be explained.

She stared at the bracelet for a long time and then took a knife and slashed it into two halves. She decided to keep one half for herself and give the other to his mother.

She went down again and gave the half to the woman. I found it at the beach yesterday while I was out on a late night walk, she told her, I believe it used to belong to your son. The woman took it with tears in her eyes. Yes it belonged to her son, but how'd she know. I saw in the picture today, that's why I looked pale, She replied. Thank you my dear girl, the manager told her, you made an old mother happy. She said it wasn't a problem and turned to leave. As she came near the door, she turned around and asked the woman, what was his name.

It was Robert, the manager replied.

Robert, she whispered softly and went outside the room.