So you see these words

You see, yes you see

These words are above all

So hurtful to me

What is different between us?

She got beauty I got brains

Some superficial Barbie

Well, I'm tired of these games

You are a black hole

Pulling me in each time

I long for the surface

I long for a sign

I'm pulling myself out

I'm through with each mess

Because every time I come back in

I get less and less

What's wrong with what I'm saying?

It doesn't suit your needs?

Planting each feeling in the ground

Each one growing from their seed

And in the time it takes to write this

My heart will finally be set

I wish I could take it all back

I wish we never met

This is m chance to have a life

That will always be lived by me

So I'm locking up the other door

And I'll throw away the key

I won't start very strong

But I'll strengthen as I go

I'll cherish it like a gift

And wrap it with a bow

So you see I'm gone

And that is a fact

I hope you let go too

Because I'm never coming back

You know I really love you

Just I need something more

Not trying to be selfish

But it's time to close this door.