You talk so quietly

Thinking I can't hear

Sitting at the top of the stairs

One wall between the truth

With tears falling from my eyes

Each one a word slicing away

My dreams one by one

Each time I word is said

It's like an elephant trampling over my desires

Leaving me behind to fade away with the shadows

Allowing the night to swallow me whole

Each word being tossed at me

While I'm juggling my life

Forcing me to fall backwards

Dropping everything I balance so delicately

And shatter into a million pieces

On thick concrete

Just laying there

Reflection the pain as strangers pick me up

Blood flowing down their hands

My sharp edges piercing their flesh

Reminding them of who I am; a failure

An incomplete puzzle

As my pieces are blown all over the world

Only to find on part at a time

Then soon giving up

Once again

I am broken and forgotten