So many bad decisions

So many wrong turns

With every choice I make

Comes a life that burns

I give up on thing for another

Being greedy wanting both

But somehow I'm not ashamed

For hoping to love instead of loath

Sure we have a history

Most of which I can't forget

But I'm willing to put it all behind me

And hope below me there is a net

It was fate that brought us together

And how you loved me so much

These words meant to be heartfelt

But pain is all that I clutch

To know I might be the reason

That you just got up and left

For that I don't deserve this life

So the result will end in death

Here I sit and write these words

Each one pierces my skin

I'm going to keep trying hard

But I could care less if I win

All I want is you safe in my arms

Knowing nothing will harm you

The love I feel is so strong

But this feeling is nothing new

So now here I sit

Tears falling from my eyes

Reading your final words

Your one and only good-bye