The day you let go,

Was the last day of your life.

As your heartbeat went slow,

I was holding you tight.

I saw tears in your eyes,

And tears down my cheeks.

I will never get that answer of mine,

As to why this is the answer you'll meet.

You hand is so cold,

And I know you are dying.

Yet your hand I still hold,

As I sit by your side crying.

I know after this day,

I will never see you again.

But if that's the only way,

Then I might as well give in.

I still have pictures of you,

Right beside my bed.

" I love you too,"

I softly said.

And as your chest went up

Then slowly down

It never rose again

And there was absolutely no sound

The doctor said he was gone

And to say my good byes

Then left the room

And softly sighed

I leaned over you

And put my head on your chest

" I'll never leave your side,"

I confessed

" I love you so much,

I'll never let you go,

I'll stay with you day and night,

If that's possible."

You are my one true love

Even if you're not with me

And because you're gone

I don't see the reason to be

I need you to hold me tight

As you once had did

And in the soft cool air

You kissed me on my head

And I long to feel your arms around me

To feel like I'm floating in the sky

Being everything you wanted to be

Before you and I knew you were going to die

I would do anything

To have you back in my life

If I could grow wings come up to see you

Now that would be a sight

But I can wish, wish and wish

Nothing will come true

There's absolutely no point in living

No point in living without you