Flying across the universe
In only one night time
Falling in luxurious things
Without spending a dime
Running through a grassy field
Hair blowing in the breeze
Singing along with a camp fire song
Without getting teased
Floating on a cloud of joy
Where the problems have been dealt
Getting that perfect kiss
And feeling like I'll melt
To go outside and walk around
Always feeling free
To know the world is at peace
And finally right for me
To know there no longer bad
And only just the good
To walk down a street
And see a safe neighbourhood
This world has changed so much
It just doesn't feel the same
I wish the world would work as one
And always take the blame
And all of this is just a dream
That may or may not come true
I wish there was something
Something more I could do
To help this planet make a flip
And give it one more chance
To make it move perfectly
Like a simple dance
I may be just one person
But I can do my bit
I will make a difference
I'll make the pieces fit
I love this place
But I find I am loving it less
You really do have to admit
This world is a mess