This is for The Lounge's Christmas challenge.

The prompt I'm using is fairy lights, the quote I'm using is the gnome comment, the character I'm using is the elf, and the location I'm using is a street.


Mr. Lights


"Alright, this is the street." he said, 'he' being an average looking person about six feet tall. He had fairly bright red hair and blue eyes, was a bit pale, and was rather thin for being someone in their early thirties. He stood there for a few seconds, just waiting until, "Well, which house?"

"I thought I told you, the unpainted brick house on the right." the voice from the walkie talkie said. Odd that he should be carrying one at all.

"Cool. One Christmas fixer, coming up." he cracked his knuckles and headed from the street sign toward the house. It was a nicely quiet, and very cold, snowing night and he couldn't help but keep looking at the lights on the houses and lawns.

"Now, agent Lights, don't take anything overboard again. Remember last time." the male, yet higher pitched voice on the other side broke out in a laugh.

He rubbed his face and brought the walkie to his mouth, "Come one now, that was one time." He stopped for a second and chuckled, "And why was I named Fairy, that's a weird name even for an elf."

"Well, you're a weird elf. You're too tall, and what's wrong with the name?"

"Of course you won't think anything, your name's Wippy." he actually sat in the empty road to speak to the walkie.

"What's wrong with Wippy? Remember that elf that decided to use a human name? He called himself Roy, that's just weird!"

"Agh, I need to get to work." he stood and stepped onto the lawn of his destination a few steps later. He saw a garden gnome next to the porch and hunched over, laughing and clutching his chest.

"What, what is it now?"

"T-there's a gnome here, get it?" he fell on his butt, still laughing.

"Oh, please don't-"

"THAT GNOME SHOULD NOT ENTER THIS HOUSE ON CHRISTMAS!" With that, he rolled around on the ground trying to catch his breath.

"Oh my....look, it was a funny movie, but you're busy now, so move it!" He could hear groaning on the other side, which just made him laugh more.

After at least two minutes, he managed to calm himself down and stand again, and walked into the backyard. They had the pretty common backyard, which was a small swingset, a few trees that looked like they were made for climbing, a doghouse. "Oh great, they have a dog." he mentally whined and slowly waved a hand through the air and a bluish light emanated from the air and covered the doghouse. He stood still for a few seconds and waited, "You asleep?"

There wasn't a sound from the gold labrador and he went up to the kid's room window. The curtains were drawn so he could only see the glow of a nightlight and the window was locked. He lightly tapped the glass tinted green by the curtains and heard someone shuffling on the other side after the second try.

The window finally slid up after the curtains split and a small brown haired girl poked her head out. "What is it, Mister?" she rubbed her eyes, he forgot it was almost midnight.

He waved and grinned like a kid himself, "Hi, I heard this house had a few problems getting presents."

She blinked a few times and yawned, then saw his ears with red and green clothes and seemed to wake up immediately. "Whoa, do you work for Santa?"

"Yep, was it the clothes?" He twisted his head and looked himself over, "Did that give it away?"

"No, it was the ears silly." She laughed and, without realizing, began staring again.

"Oh, I keep forgetting about those." He leaned against the wall and she wouldn't stop looking at his ears. "So, can I come in and maybe help with the presents problem?"

Her eyes widened and she backed away from the window, "Huh? Okay, but shouldn't Santa be bringing them?"

She stood at the middle of her room as he climbed in and sratched his head in an embarrassed fasion. "Well, don't tell anyone, 'cause it's a secret, but he runs to so many homes that he accidentally misses a few. When that happens, us elves are ready to drop in where he missed."

"Oh, well here's the living room." She ran in quietly and sat down in front of the large tree. It actually was a pretty good sized tree, and had multi colored lights strung up around it. "Hey, what's your name anyway?"

He shook himself out of looking at the tree's lights and back to her, "My's kinda odd. You can just call me Lights, it's my last name." He fumbled around his waist to unhook a brown cloth bag from his belt that she recognized.

"Hey, that's Santa's, isn't it?" She reached and grabbed it as if he wasn't supposed to have it.

"No, he's got one too, but all elves get one too." He opened it and, with a grin, started reaching around inside, "What's cooler is they're magic."

"Really?! So it's real?" She tried to look in the bag, but he held it too high.

He smiled and used both hands to lift a box the size of the kid out of the bag, "Of course, how do you think my boss carries presents for everyone in the world in one bag?"

"Whoa, who's that for?" She tried, but couldn't even wrap her arms around it. She found a tag on it next to the bow that read, "For mom, from Kayla."

"Oh, that's your name, huh?" He chuckled and lifted out about five more boxes, two big and four small, and all with the names already on them. "There we go, all six. Oh, and before I forget, tell your parents to look in front of the house when they wake up."

She was practically in shock from the presents and the little bag they came from, and almost didn't notice the elf heading back to her room. "Wait, where ya going?"

He stopped at her window and glanced back, "I gotta run by someone else's house now."

He looked out the window again, then turned just as she ran up and hugged him, "Thank you, Mr Lights."

"You're welcome, but do me a favor." He pulled her off and kneeled down, "Don't tell anyone. I'm not supposed to let anyone see me." She nodded her head and her patted her, then jumped out the window, "Oh, and the dog will wake up when all of you do, bye." He waved and ran to the side of the backyard.

Just as he vanished from sight, she glanced to the doghouse, "What's wrong with Alexa?"

He appeared back at the house's front and saw the extra he left the parents, in the form of a new car. He spoke into his walkie once again, "I'm done with this house, so go ahead and cross the..." he looked at the mailbox, "The Martins off the list."

Wippy's voice came from the other end, "Alright, good time. The next one is..." the voice went on as Fairy walked down the street and vanished.