Another poem written by my friend, SolidSnake. He does have an account of his own, but I guess he'd rather me post it instead. He's busy with being in the US Marines, so that takes up a lot of his time, I think. Enjoy!

How I Feel

Thoughts cannot grasp it.
A concept, a feeling?
Neither can describe it.
It comes the moment I see you,
and leaves me, empties me, the moment you go.

beyond all measure;
beyond the categorization of human thought.
I feel this only around you;
my anything and everything.
For a brief while I am…complete.

for leading you so,
for loving you so,
for having to leave you,
for the wrong things I say,
and the right.

yet weak.
My feeling of self preservation gone.
To protect you is to defend myself,
and to see you hurt
is like being stabbed in the heart.

toward time itself;
for ending our times together,
for those who would see fit to separate us.
Toward the gawking eyes of the world;
for they do not, and cannot understand.

A Longing
to hold you again,
to be able to comfort you like no one else,
to do the only thing I truly think I can.
Love you,
and be next to you as long as Heaven and Hell allow.

at every moment of our separation;
of the thought of you alone, without me.
I still see it, your picture floating in my mind.
It calls me, yet keeps me sane.
The worst kind of pain, and drug… Your absence and presence.

We are together again.
For a brief time I am at peace.
Your voice is finally tangible;
Not the recording, playing at the back of my mind.
I am no longer in need of the rest of me,

because you brought it with you,
and because I just plain love you;
and that's really the only word I can say.

-love Matt