I never thought this day would ever end with me; a normal high school kid standing in my girlfriend's house at 1 o'clock in the morning making out with her younger brother.


It all started just under a week ago when I looked up to see my girlfriend running up to me with a huge grin on her face, bringing one to mine.

"Morning Ali sweetie," I said wrapping my arms around her. "You sure seem to be in a good mood." I smiled brushing her brown curly hair away from her face planting a soft kiss on her frosted cheek.

"That's because I am in a good mood sweetie pie." She smiled, taking her scarf off and wrapping it around my neck.

I watched her with a questioning look. "Sweetie pie eh? What's going on?"

"Well... it's been two months since we started dating so I thought it's about time to invite you over for dinner to meet my parents. They think it's a wonderful idea!" she smiled, kissing me softly. "So what do you think, Cale?"

I was speechless for a second, but before the smile could fade from Ali's face I asked, "Tonight?" She nodded, silent, still waiting for an answer. "Then yeah sure!" I answered kissing her softly. "I can't wait."

"Then its settled!" she said taking her scarf from around my neck. "I'll see you in second period!" And with that she was off skipping down the hall leaving me with the worries that started to float up to the surface.

As I walked to class the thoughts of any boy meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time raced though my head. What if her father thought I was a weirdo or too much of an idiot for his daughter?

First period was math. I thought I was quite good at math; The part I liked most was playing the games on my calculator while the teacher talked on and on about x's and y's. But today I felt more like a zombie than a human and when the bell rang I realized he hadn't even wrote any notes at all. 'I hope Cooper wrote something down' I thought looking over at his desk. Cooper and I were in the same class and very good friends. Sometimes it was hard to read his notes through all the doodles covering his paper.

"Hey Coop can I borrow your notes?" I asked packing up my books before going to meet Allison for our next class.

"Yeah dude sure," Cooper said laughing slightly, opening his book again. "You did look like you had zoned out today."

I grabbed the paper and looked at it. "Oh yeah..." I said looking up. "It's been a crazy morning so far, a lot on my mind."

When I finally met Allison at our usual meeting spot she grabbed my free hand like she always did and walked towards our Science class. "How was Math sweetie?" she asked giving my hand a gentle squeeze.

"It was good," I answered, smiling at her. "Didn't really learn much today. How was your art class?"

"It was amazing! We started a new project today," she began, explaining what they were doing. Before I knew it we were in class sitting down, just waiting for the bell to ring and the teacher to come. I hoped for the end of the day to come sooner but I also dreaded it.


I could feel the cold winter wind against my face as I made my way up Allison's walkway. When I approached the door I stood there. 'This feels like the first date' I thought to myself, running my fingers thought my light brown hair before knocking on the door.

I only stood there for what felt like a second before the door flew open and Ali's smiling face greeted me. "Why hello there," she said, letting me into the house.

The house was very clean and neat just like Ali's locker at school - she cleaned it every other day. Now I knew where she got it from. While I took my jacket and shoes off, a woman who would have been Allison's mother walked around the corner to greet their guest.

"Hello Cale, we have heard so much about you," she said with the same smile Ali had. I could see where Ali got a lot of her looks, from the dark brown hair to the dark chocolate eyes.

"Hello," I was finally able to say as Ali took my jacket and put it neatly away in a closet. "It's very nice to finally meet you."

Before anything could be said, Ali grabbed my hand and led me though the house showing me pictures of her family.

Her father was a big man with hair so dark it was almost black. Beside him in one picture stood Ali's mother with a young baby in her arms. I knew Ali had two younger siblings, the baby would have been Ali's little sister Anna. Then my eyes stopped on a young boy who didn't look much younger than we were. It must've been Adam; Ali sometimes told me about her brother and how he bugged her; taking her things and how her parents did nothing about it. Her brother had the same chocolate brown eyes that Ali and her mother shared - the only difference being the extremely dark hair of her father's.

Ali pulled on my arm, taking me closer to the stairs leading to the basement. "I want to show you my room next," she said still smiling.

While we walked down the stairs the room opened up revealing couches and a large television that was on. I looked around the open space, still following Ali towards her room, when I spotted the dark haired boy lying on the couch - not paying attention to anything but the TV.

Ali turned to see her brother as well. "That's my annoying little brother, Adam," she said opening a door and revealing a very colourful but clean room. "What do you think?"

A smile came to my face as I looked around the room. "It's very you," I said wrapping my arms around her and kissing her gently. I walked towards the opposite wall after hearing her close the door. "Is this wall dedicated to me or something?"

"No," she laughed, falling onto her bed and propping her head up on her hands. "It's all my friends, but you are a big part of it."

I turned, watching her roll over onto her back as I took a seat next to her. "I guess I can live with that," I said, playing with a dark brown curl before she sat up and scooted closer to me.

"I love you Cale," she said softly, resting her head on my shoulder.

"I love you too," I replied, running my fingers over her hair. I didn't really know if it was love, but I loved being close to Ali. Everything about her made me feel better about myself.