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Redefining Tiffany

Sequel to The Downside of Humanitarian Work

1. Prologue

L. O. V. E.

Definitely something I do not want or need.

Love is messy.

A big, uncontrollable complication.

Think about it.

It only works if the person you love, loves you right back. More often than not, that is highly unlikely.

One person may love the other down to their very being and act on it, meanwhile the other sees them in a purely platonic way. Awkward as hell.

See love, it would really fuck up that relationship.

And love triangles? Don't even get me started on love triangles. It is an example of when love takes to a whole new level of retarded.

There is a reason why it's called fools in love.

Only very special people get themselves into a mess like that.

I'm not talking about family love, you know the platonic sort. No, I'm talking about the nonsense around undying romantic love, soul mates and all that jazz.

Soul mates, now there's a completely fucked up idea. Whoever came up with that notion, probably never had a good rut, most likely a virgin. It's a fantasy that should be put to rest.

One match that's completely perfect out there amongst the billions of people that inhabit this planet?

Be realistic - chances of you finding that someone? Well let's put it this way, a needle in a haystack would be easier to find.

Even then, who's to say that person is the so called 'one'? You?

People are flawed, there is no perfection.

It seems to me, people are more in love with the idea of perfect love than anything else. Fairytales, rom-coms and Valentine's Day can't help either.

Don't get me wrong, love exists. The sickly sweet relationship between Ellie and Ryan is proof of that. Anyone in the same room as them usually gags at the mushiness.

However, staying in love with that one person for eternity, or at least your lifetime? Please, sooner or later the relationship gets boring, the 'spark' as they call it, dies.

It is not human nature to be satisfied or content. As people, we always want more. A relationship can only entertain for so long. The only reason that some last longer than others, is either because some people have a longer attention span and tolerance level.

Okay fine, my cynicism doesn't just sprout from anywhere. My mother was a clear example that love doesn't last. Now she had a short attention span. The three years she remained faithful to my father were a mystery to me from what I can remember.

She was a bitch anyway, but I rather not get in to that.

Have you seen the divorce rate? One in three marriages or something like that? Not a lot of room for success.

Oh, and love isn't the only factor in a relationship.

Financial security for one thing and physical attraction are big players.

It might just be me, but I seriously doubt anyone would consent to marrying a homeless man on the street or someone that reminds you of your great Uncle Ted with the greasy facial hair, gross.

So people shouldn't go on about how love is what the relationship runs on.

Plus, do you know how much work it takes to maintain a successful relationship?

Anniversaries, Valentine's Day on top of Christmas, Birthdays and all the other commercial holidays as well? Miss one of them and the other partner is bound to have your head. Men, I've given you your warning.

Oh and you want kids together? Kids? That just about makes it two, no three times as difficult to keep the 'spark' going. Snotty, poo-y little things on feet? No thank you.

Let's get real people. Love is there but not all the movies and stories crack it up to be. It's a smelly, ticking landmine that will blow up in your face without warning.

And so to me, everyone, love and marriage are pretty much the same. Two things I really do not want to get into.

Love needs honesty, which goes against human nature to lie. If someone said they had never lied to you, they would be lying in your face.

Love means sharing feelings, without offending and pissing off the other person.

Love needs commitment.

I don't do commitment.

There's also another thing, I don't do; Caleb Andrews, and he don't do feelings.

All of which has me wondering, how in the world I'm going to get out of an arranged marriage with him.

AN- Back again.

This is just a preview of what I have in store for the sequel. I don't know when I will have the next chapter up (I've made this a separate story you can access from my profile).

If you haven't worked it out, this is set in Tiffany's perspective instead of Ellie's.

Don't worry the rest of the story won't be written in present tense, it will revert back to past.

Thank you for all the reviews from the last chapter of TDoHW. I'm glad it lived up to expectation. Also for those asking for character images from TDoHW, I have no idea who would look like my characters, but I will try and keep an eye out. If you have suggestions feel free to send me a link (with a few words, just so I don't delete them thinking it's spam).

Look forward to hearing what you think of the sequel,