The Dawn Less Day

It was soon to arrive

Masked by the arrival of the knight

Ghand was his name

And the songs sung were immense

They praised his sword Tyyre

Said he had the strength of a thousand lions

So he came to save Bregaria

From the dawn less day

Three old men once prophesied

"He who is true of dark
Shall not seize the day

If he who wields the golden sword

Should be the shining light."

And so Ghand did come

To fight the Necromancer

His sword was said to be the hero

Or the shining light

And when the evil sorcerer did come

Ghand yelled out to him

"Stand down scum, go back
Or to the depths of hell with ye!"

The dark man laughed and said
"A likely thing indeed!"
And so they fought in an epic fight

It began when Tyyre struck his staff
Nearly cleaved it in half

Spells of dark clouded the sky

As the fire rained from above

Lasted through the night, neither tiring

Dawn did not come

Ghand was heroic in his right

Burning flesh could now be smelt

And he shone as the inferno engulfed him

The Necromancer turned to go

And suddenly he had half a head

Tyyre now slicked in black blood

A cheer rose from the keep

And Ghand spoke.

"Fear not ye noble citizens

For all is well.

I have banished the Necromancer

Send him straight to hell.

How did I survive?
You ask.
A protective amulet,
A strong will,