In A Man's World

In a man's world

She can't say anything

Her thoughts are curled

Though they want to spring

Up into this restricted place

She won't be repressed forever

Determination written on her face

She is smart and clever

The men watch as she cleans

They watch as she makes their food

Still she can't rebel, she doesn't have the means

She just isn't in the mood

Then along came a new day

Women fighting for their rights

Equality was soon to stay

Though it took many nights

Though things are still not the same

For women and for men

Women can not feel shame

For it is better now than it was back then

They spoke for those who couldn't speak

The movement was mighty strong

Though at the time hope was bleak

Their fight would go on for so long

For today we thank those in the past

Do not take for granted, what they didn't know

Finally one day we will say "At last!"
Until then our hope can only grow.