When I heard your voice in my ear

The fear of losing you flooded my mind

With the shrieking and shouting running down my spine

And the rush I feel that you're going to die

I stay with you as long as you want

Weeping over you like you'd just been shot

I tell you I love you, and I'll never leave your side

I wish you would open up your eyes

I pray to god to help me get through

To feel you give me a small heart warming kiss

To say you love me time to time

To be with that daughter of mine

It's hard to see you lay here just before me

But in my mind you're miles away

I see your eyes build up with tears

While I fight for both our lives

I miss the feel of your warm against me

When I wrap you in my arms for a hug

But now you are cold, and your shine is gone

Your body too weak to keep you sitting up

With what used to be two just turned into one

But I know there is nothing more I can do

And as much as I need you to stay with me

God has made up his mind and is not giving me a choice

But in my heart I tell myself everything will work out fine

And I know this because

You are the only daughter of mine