Waking Up to Withering Flowers

I never understood the point of this whole empty feeling. Or, I never understood it until I started feeling it myself. I was happy for such a long time, but one day I realized it was simply gone. That day was the day I moved. You might want to know why I would rather tell you, someone that I may not even know, about this rather than talking to someone about it. Well, sometimes it's just easier to say something when only one of us can make up the rules, and when only one of us can state their feelings. I wish I could say the same about real life sometimes. Lately I've been feeling lonely something that only my best friend can fill. Don't get me wrong, I have made friends since I've moved, and some of them are the best that I've ever had, but... there's one specific friend that I will never be able to forget. She was someone I had always looked up to; sweet, yet strong when she needed to be. She was and still is very pretty, even if she can't see it herself. It's not even like I can go back I'm far too young to be able to drive back, and I can't even get money to go visit. She, out of all the things in the world, is what I want most. I miss the sleepovers in which we would always stay up ridiculously late, eating things like ice cream to keep ourselves alert. Not like it worked for long anyway. One of us would always fall asleep around 3:30 AM; it was simply a routine that was only broken once. She lived very close to us, and so she came over almost every day, and, at the time, it seemed like it would be something that would never stop. It seemed like the days were never ending, and everyone was happy, no matter what the circumstances. I wish I was back in that time. I would probably give up a lot of what I had if I could have her back with me. Now, you're probably wondering what would happen to the other friends that I have made while I was here... and, well, so am I. I want them to come with me. I'm selfish, and I know that. But every time I wake up and realize that I can't see her smiling face that day, it's like waking up to the darkness and the cold that kills things. It's like I, in turn, am waking up to withering flowers.

Sorry if the formatting and messiness of this made it hard to read, but it was mainly to get some feelings out. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it, or something. An update for Blossom will be coming soon.