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Complete Summary: Serenth is a Knight determined for his king to be back on the throne, and to defeat the eminent Evil. Trenton is the mysterious ruler himself. Too Bad he's just a flirty man who doesn't see the gravity of the situation: or so Serenth thinks.
With intrigue, love, and tragedy mixed into their lives our crew will find that getting their beloved king back on the throne is just one step to righting the wrongs and evils of the past... And is looking to be much harder than anyone would dread to think.

Warnings: This IS a not a Het fiction. My main couple, as well as some minor couples will involve relations between men. I dont want to hear complaints that this story is about a homosexual couple, because there is quite obviously a warning right here. Do not spam my fiction.
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I figured that I would post this even if it is short because that seemed like a nice place to stop. Please enjoy!

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On the coast of a small island there was a field, surrounded by the wreaked building blocks of thousands of failed civilazations. Ghosts, empty memories of who they had once been floated around, moaning in their own anguish. The sky was grey, and dark clouds heavy with rain stretched as far as the eye could see. Distantly, you could hear thunder, and you could see the lightning steak across the sky. In the middle of this island stood a man, hair tainted the red of blood; his eyes closed to the world. His face was skewed, as if in pain, and a single frozen tear could be seen, forever frozen in the same stasis as the one that shed it.

A platoon of men could be seen coming toward this man, from the distance. As they finally neared their target, their leader stopped, signaling for his men to do so as well.. He gazed up at this frozen man, his face unreadable.

He started toward his ruler, alone, ignoring the distressed murmurs of his men. He knew that the men he lead were scared of their target. He was a legend among their people, and known to be the most powerful of them all; bred from a long line kings, all powerful men in their own right, he, though, had been the strongest. This man had, too, been their king at one time, before he went missing during the chaos of the Dark Years.

The man approached his king, solemnly, thinking back on his lessons of those years and the turmoil that the people had been left in, and even worse: the despair that those people felt at having their ruler lost to them in such a time of need.

Sighing, the man sat down, and began to "feel" around his king with his magic. He felt ancient powers, holding his king here. Power that, even after such a long time, still held strong. He explored this spell, then, taking a risk, tried to cast his mind into that of his ruler. He neared his king, but as soon as he expanded his consciousness he was mentally stabbed.

"So he's awake then, is he?" He said under his breath, wincing at the pain of having his mind attacked. He didn't even want to get into the possibility that his king wanted to stay on this god-forsaken island. It wasn't an option.

He sat back on his heels and leaned forward towards his king, placing his hands in the dirt and rock in front of him, to steady himself. He sent himself back out again with all the power that he possessed. He'd probably need it.

He didn't know how many times, and from how many directions he was attacked trying to enter his lords mind, the resting place of the spell holding him there, but he did know that he was wearing down. It was only to be expected, as he was attempting to invade the mind of a seasoned warrior, one who was far older than he, had the upbringing of a king, and a master of curses and spell work. No matter that he didn't looked aged a day over twenty.

Suddenly, a patch opened in the distance, and the man took off for it. So the king wanted to allow him in? Finally reaching the "doorway" he dove, narrowly missing a strike of something oddly resembling lightning. That could have been bad if he had been hit, and of course a warrior wouldn't allow someone in their own mind without making it rough for them.

"Now," he mumbled aloud, "It's time to find out what makes this horrid spell tick."

"Is that so?" a deep voice quietly drawled, setting him on edge. He turned toward the voice and was startled to see the man himself standing there, shrouded in the darkness of his mindscape.

"Just what are you doing here? What do you want of me?" The man continued with a frown as he walked towards him..Damn. He wasn't expecting this! The man was supposed to be frozen, his psyche and all, what was he supposed to do now, with his lord standing before him?

'Telling the truth couldn't hurt…'

He raised his voice slightly, going for confidence, and replied, "I'm here to free you, and bring you back to your country, and your people; You're needed. Peril is forthcoming, and the people of the kingdom need their king!"

The man's face went dark as he said incredulous, "I'm needed? What could you possibly," he moved closer, untill he was right on Serenth, breathing his words in the others face, "mean? I've been here for so long, do 'my people' even remember my name? Do they even know how it is I got to this point anymore? They can just replace me; furthermore, who are you?"

"I am called Serenth," he replied. Serenth could feel a migraine coming on. He expected some resistance after releasing him from whatever prison he was trapped in, but not from the man himself, before he could even free him. What an ungrateful bastard.

The king's face twitched in annoyance, and all Serenth could do was mentally snort. He had nothing to be annoyed about. His whole game of hide and seek over the many years he had been missing hadn't harmed him in any way, but Serenth had devoted his whole life to finding this man.

"My name… is Trenton."

Ah, a name to place with the face. Serenth looked onto the face of his king Trenton; he certainly changed his mood quickly. He watched as his king went from annoyance to curiosity, before finally settling on mischief.

His king walked towards him, waving his hand and pinning Serenth where he was. Serenth would have frozen still, if he hadn't been already. He could feel his body instinctivly trying to free itself from whatever spell this man had cast.

'Fuck,' he could feel sweat beading on his forhead, and his muscles bunching in anticipation. Silent spell casting is one of the hardest crafts to accomplish, but this man, Trenton, is a master at it. Serenth probed at the spell with his own magic, and gasped aloud when he could feel his blood start to boil.

Trenton stared at him with a blank face as he approached, his hand still held in the air. Serenth stood frozen and wide eyed before a grimace crossed his face, and thought flashed through his mind, 'What is this man going to do?'