Chapter 1- And Then It All Began

I can't believe I took that dare! I must be an idiot or something… Well… Here goes I guess!


Two weeks out of school for Christmas break didn't seem quite long enough for Janice. She could have gone months, years before having to push through the crowded halls of her dreaded high school yet again. Riverside High never changed. Its students were always rich and stuck up and its teachers were always the kind that got into affairs with their students.

Janice looked down at the floor, staring at the different shoes on all the people pushing and shoving their way to homeroom. She began counting her steps, smiling at the comfort the familiar numbers gave her. She started going to Riverside in 7th grade and after being there for six years, Janice had memorized everything about the school. She knew where the students went to smoke, where which group hung out at, what insults were written where, everything.

"Janice, get your skinny little Asian butt in here and stop counting already!" Maria, Janice's best friend of six years, pulled Janice by her right arm and drug her to where they sat at the back of the classroom.

Janice shyly smiled at her beautiful friend. "Good morning to you too." Janice had always envied how Maria could so easily make everything look so beautiful on her. She curved in all the right places, she had dazzling blue eyes, and long, blonde hair. Maria was every guys' dream come true.

"Look," Maria nodded slightly to the door at Erick, "sexiest guy ever alert!"

Janice looked right as Erick looked towards her. She was so shocked she just stared straight into his dark green eyes. He smiled the smile that so many girls have fallen for and winked at her. Then he sat down with his friends and began whispering to Tyler.

"Smooth Janice. Really smooth." Maria teased and pushed Janice slightly on the shoulder. "I'm going to have to teach you some things bout guys for sure! I keep forgetting you've only ever had one boyfriend. Seriously girl, if you want to get a guy like Erick, you're gonna have to get some serious skills for sure!

"You know how many girls he's denied already this school year? Better yet, just this year? I heard that in just four days, he's alre- Janice? Janice, are you even listening to me?!"

"Uh huh…" she mumbled dreamily, staring at where Erick had been, where he had actually noticed her. Not Maria. Not Victoria, head of the cheerleading team. Not Serena, Bailey, or Christine, but her. Janice. Different, Asian Janice!

"You my friend, need to stop seeming so desperate. Play hard to get! You'll accomplish so much more that way!" Maria sighed at how little her friend knew and shook her head.

"Alright class! Settle down! Announcements should be starting soon, so be quiet!" Mrs. Mary walked in and said loudly.

Janice looked over slightly at where Erick was and smiled to herself, remembering all of the sleepless nights she had talking to Maria on the phone about him. Just last week she had cried herself to sleep thinking that he would never notice or want her. Now, not only did he see her, he had smiled at her.

Maybe 2010 won't be that bad after all!

A/N: I'm sorry if I have a lot of grammatical mistakes, I've never really been that good with all that stuff. Sorry it took so long for me to update. I'm actually kind of winging this, haha! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thanks for reading chapter one, hope you stay tuned for chapter two also!