We talk all the time
But don't think to wonder
The rest of our lives
Has been slowly pulled under

A glow through the sky
From the luminous moon
Lighting up the dark night
While silver streaks leak into my room

You stretch out your hand
Hoping for no hesitation
As I stare into your eyes
Looking for some consideration

All through the night sky
We travelled it all
Every planet and star
Hoping to stall

How many nights
Has this happened to me?
Wondering which one to choose
And which one to decease

The one with a future
Dreams coming true
With smiles and laughter
But, without you

Or the life with worries and fears
That's always in need of a shove
With back up and support
Always leaning on love

They say life is your choice
But sometimes choices can't be made
In the middle of your thoughts
Answers can be delayed

So, I'll walk through each door
With a wandering eye
Wishing to make the right choice
As life passes me by