Nothing buy emptiness
Darkness all around
Moving my eyes everywhere
But only air is what surrounds

Isolated in this small corner
As the world takes one more stride
Trying to run from the darkness
With no one by my side

Running every second
Until my lungs start to burst
Never able to slow to a wake
Never allowed to quench that thirst

Everywhere I turn darkness fills
Absorbing all happiness and light
Every minute that passes my mind fills with hope
That the sun will break through and end this night

It's like swimming through blood
Too thick to see past through to the end
But as you swim harder it starts to pay off
As the sweat and blend begin to blend

I move wildly trying to find people I know
One face to bring me someplace safe
To know there's someone watching over me
To somehow give me faith

One day I hope to see your face
And the running will soon slow to a walk
But no matter how bright this small space is
This nightmare just can never be blocked

The stillness is so hollow
Echoing every sound
Hearing things over again
Like my tears as they hit the ground

I keep hitting so many obstacles
Along my dim and dusty trail
But there're things that stick out
It's my one rusted nail

I think I'm ready to leave now
So please pull me from this dream
It's about time I face this world
As I slowly tears seam by seam