while at the end of my rope,
i was still checking for loose ends
nothing could be done,
i was still my only one.

this is where my journey began,
at the end of the line,
briefcase in hand.

what was i searching for?
where should i run?
i've always wanted more,
i want to touch the sun.

so with cheap canvas shoes,
and a song stuck in my head,
i kicked rocks on the road
and stuck out my thumb.

i wasn't looking for anything,
not friend or a helping hand,
i was leaving to find myself
to find a happier land.

instead, in an awkward fashion,
i found you, or rather, you found me,
you looking rather handsome,
and i with dust up to my knee.

i could see the sun reflect off your glasses
i could feel my skin warm at the sight
the sky was dimming into a navy light

i have never wanted more,
i reached out my hand,
clasped your warm fingers,
and hoped you would understand.

i left my home to find the sun,
and it seems i've found it on the run.