Everything You'll Need to Know

The first time, there weren't any hazy moments where I only felt pain. Everything was highlighted in pleasure. Whether it was because of the raging teenage hormones that were finally being satiated or the illusion that that moment marked a lifetime worth of making love to that one boy, it felt right.

We had waited as long as we could hold out. Eighteen months into the relationship, we would still stand in the shadows behind 'Harry's Hamburger Bar', his hand under my shirt, my tongue in his mouth, being teenagers. Neither of us was willing to take on the risk back then. We dealt with each day as it came. He'd push his leg between mine and pull me down until I was practically riding it. I'd run my hand up his leg until he would grab hold of it and place it where I was too shy to go. In the heat, we'd forget about how the brick walls always pinched my skin and how that whole back alley smelled like tomatoes and wet cat food. We'd forget all about those repetitive news headlines, and moan contently to life's small pleasures.