By: Megan Riffey
Chapter 1
"The Meeting"

Author Note: This may sound or look familiar to some people, and that's because it should. I'm going back through, changing some things, editing the story, and re-uploading it once I get done with each chapter. I have kept the original story up, Lost (Old) in my stories to let you read what it was before. Trust me; I think you'll like this version better. Thanks for viewing my story, and I hope you enjoy it!

A soft knock came at the door, where a young woman answered it. A man dressed in a black suit with dark sun glasses preventing her from seeing into his eyes, a holstered gun to his hip, and a Sheriff's bad he was so gently holding up. The woman knew what it was about, even before the gentleman spoke, she was on the verge of tears but knew she had to be strong.

The Sheriff leaned from side to side uncomfortable with having to relay the news. The only downside this man saw.

"Mrs. Book? My name is Gary Jones, and I'm with the Sheriff department. Earlier this morning we responded to an accident out on I-39, where your husband was involved in…" The Sheriff paused giving it a moment for it to sink it to allow the full meaning to register. "We tried everything we could to save him…but we couldn't, his injures were too severe."

The woman allowed a tear to slide down in front of the Sheriff, knowing what he said was true, knowing that she would never get to hold him…never get to kiss him…and never get to tell him that he would be a father.

15 Years Later

"Mom! Did you see my homework anywhere? I can't find it!" The girl was quickly searching underneath her bed trying to find it, getting irritated.

"It's on the table, Abby. Where you put it last. Hurry up, I don't want you to be late for school! " The woman in the kitchen sighed audibly. "God knows that's where it's always at…" she mumbled under her breath.

"Alright already! Geez! I'm going as fast as I can, it's not my fault someone moved my homework." Abby said, all while glaring at her mom. Abby walked into the kitchen, with her dark brown hair down to the middle of her back, lightly curled, wearing a red t-shirt that hugged her curves while still revealing a tad bit of stomach, topped off with low rise hip huggers with holes everywhere.

Abby's mom gave her a weird look, "You are going to seriously where that to school are you? You are only 15 for christ sakes!" Abby looked at her mom, and walked out the door, already sitting on the car ready to leave.

Twenty minutes later, Abby's mom pulled up to the high school and even before the car stopped, Abby was already out of the car, running up to greet her friends.

"Thanks mom," Abby yelled, "I'll get a ride home with one of my friends, so don't worry about me."

"Abby! What's up?" yelled a guy about 6'2" with light blonde hair. He was built like a football player, yet had the brains of a mouse. Abby rolled her eyes, closed her locker door, and started to walk away. "come on! Abby, what's your problem? Just talk to me. It would be good if we could just talk."

Abby stopped and paused before turning around to the guy. "Well…we could've talked if you hadn't have slept with that whore that I used to be friends with. And just so you know, I think we are done talking now." Abby turned around and walked to her first class.

Abby kept blanking her mind out, and it was rare that someone could do that, have no thoughts, nothing floating through their mind except serene peace. She just wasn't up to classes today apparently, but before she knew it the lunch bell rung and she snapped out.

"Abby! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Where have you been?" Her friend put her arm in Abby's, and skipped to the lunch line.

"I've been here all day, Amanda. I'm surprised you haven't seen me. Maybe if you would actually go to class." Abby joked. Amanda started jumping up and down like a bunny.

"Shut up! Guess what?"


"There's a new student, and your guy friend is going to give him a hard time." Abby rolled her eyes. She should have known better, Chris always thought he had a shot with her, even after he blew it time and time again. She was through, and over him.

"Where's is the new guy at?" Abby's friend, Amanda pointed to a guy who was sitting by himself. After Abby got her food, she thought she would sit with the new kid to get to know him a little better.

"He's hot. I can see why Chris is threaten because daaaamn, he's fine." Amanda butted in, Abby quickly agreed.

Abby turned around and faced Amanda, "I'm going to go sit with him, care to join?" Amanda looked at Abby, with a smirk on her face.

"Nah, I'll leave that to you. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" They said their goodbye's and Amanda walked over to another table to join their group of friends. Abby walked over to the table where the new guy was sitting by himself, waiting for him to acknowledge her.

"Is this seat taken?" she asked. The guy looked around the table at the empty seats, and nodded to her to sit down. Abby looked at him for a few moments before deciding to speak.

"Hi, I'm Abigail Book, but you can just call me Abby." Abby offered her hand, and he took it.

"I'm Michael Mercer." Abby and Michael were talking and before they knew it, Chris had walked over and pushed Michael out of his seat. Being the new kid once, Abby immediately defended Michael, getting in between the new men, knowing that she shouldn't be between them, but wanted neither of them to get hurt.

"Look Chris, you need to leave him alone. He has never done anything to you." Chris scoffed at Abby, completely irate at her.

"Never done anything to me? Babe, you and I are supposed to be together, and then I see you over here, exchanging words with the new guy? Do you really want to lose your place in the school?" Abby was extremely mad, her fists' with clenched, waiting for him to say something else about her. Chris slapped Abby knocking her down onto the floor, and shocking the entire café.

"You whore!" Chris cried.

Michael stepped in before Abby could get in a curt reply, and shut down Chris.

"I'm pretty sure that her and I aren't together, and from the looks of it, neither are you and her. So I'm confused about what the problem would be. And obviously anyone who stopped talking to her because she was talking to the new guy, as you so put it, obviously wasn't her friend to begin with. And that makes them just as much of a dick as you. And what kind of a man hits a woman and calls her a whore? Or are you secretly gay, that you can't stand the embarrassed that you would receive?"

Chris' face turned red, anger boiled waiting to spill over, and then he went after Michael.

Michael quickly grabbed Chris's arm, kneeing him in the stomach, where Chris then dropped to the floor holding his stomach as if it were falling out. Michael helped Abby up, and brushed her off, checking to make sure she was all right.

"Are you all right?" Michael was holding her tight, not even releasing her a bit.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Abby shrugged Michael off obviously shaken from the ordeal. Too upset to stay in the cafeateria she ran out of the room, running for the bathroom.

Michael had let her go because he knew that she needed to be by herself and to come down. After the incident, Abby's mom had been called, where she was picked up from school. As Abby was leaving the school, the students were lined up in the halls, watching her leave, whispering.

"Did you see that? I thought Abby wasn't a trouble-maker, but apparently she can't pick between two guys." Abby glanced a look at the girl, glaring at her meanwhile, hoping she'd get the picture to leave her alone.

Amanda walked up to Abby speaking quickly so that she could give Abby her message before she left.

"Abby, call me tonight! If you need anything don't hesitate to let me know." Abby nodded.

Abby and her mom sat in silence on the way home, unable to form words on what had happened. As soon as they reached the house, Abby ran from the car and ran upstairs.

She sat upstairs trying to cry away her problems, just like her mother did 15 years ago. Abby was curled up in a ball on the bed, trying not to feel anything. Just then a loud knock came from the door, where her mother went downstairs, answered it, to find Michael standing there. Her mother stuttered.

"Uh—Ma-May I help you?" Michael offered an hand, and she gracefully accepted it.

"Michael Mercer. I go to school with Abby."

"Oh yes, of course. The other boy involved in that accident at her school. Can I help you?" Her mother started to fill uneasy.

"Actually, it wasn't an accident, Chris meant to hurt Abby. But anyways, I just thought that I would stop by and bring Abby's homework, I didn't know if she was going to be back later, so I grabbed it for her homework." He handed her mother the homework, and heard crying from upstairs. Michael looked at Abby's mom and started to open his mouth to ask if she was alright, but her mom spoke first.

"She'll be alright eventually." Michael took a step into the house.

"Do you mind if I talk to her?"

"Uh, sure. By the way you can call me Miss B. She's upstairs, straight through, you can't miss her room." Michael walked up the stairs, just following the cries that Abby was bearing. He finally found her room, knocked on her door and entered.

"Abby?" Abby looked over toward the door, seeing Michael she quickly brushed her tears away, but more were flowing right after. Michael sat down next to her, and brushed her hair out of her face. "Are you okay?" Abby looked at him, and shook her head in disagreement.

"Abby, he's just a jerk, he meant to hurt you, and he did, and I hate to see that happen to someone who stood up for the new guy at school." Michael wrapped his arms around Abby, leaning into her where her head rested on his chest.

Neither Michael nor Abby said anything for what seemed like an eternity. A shrilling noise filled the silence causing Abby to jump until she realized it was Michael's cell phone. Michael excused himself to the hall, but Abby could overhear the conversation.

"Michael, where are you? You're supposed to be home by now!"

"I know mom. I'm just at a friend's house, there was this fight at school, and they got hurt, so I was just checking up on them to make sure they were alright."

"A female friend I suppose?"

"Mom, I'll see you whenever I get home." Michael hung up the phone, and walked back into the room, sat back down on the bed. Abby lay facing him, letting her tears show. He wiped her tears, kissed her cheek, and lay down beside her. Holding her in his arms, making sure she knew he was there, and would always be there for her. In just a few minutes, Abby had fallen asleep and was snoring softly.

Michael knowing that it was time for him to leave, quietly slid out from the bed in an attempt to get out without Abby waking up. Michael started to get up, as he walked out, Abby spoke to him.

"Michael? I'm afraid to be alone right now; can you please stay with me?" Michael looked around, then finally back at Abby.

"I'll have to call my mom, okay? I'll be back up in a minute." Abby nodded and rolled back over, closed her eyes imagining herself with someone who knows how to take care of himself, yet so gentle and caring, like Michael. Michael went downstairs to call his mom, asking Miss B to use her phone.

I hope she's alright, she seems really shaken up. I wonder if our parents will let me stay a bit longer… Michael thought.