Green Skys

Salutations, greetings friend

Six, Two, Four, no sight in end

My hour is this to defend

Swordsmen amnesty to extend

Sixteenth fifths of four past five

Your senses are third to defile

Spend away your faithless cares

Apparent to your lustful stares

Enshrouded by your loose leaf thighs

Smothered by your love bound sighs

Grasp you by the tethered toes

Watch the tiger, lion death throes

Show us our bitter ways

Mighty thunderous titan days

Galloping along the grassy plains

Fear your violent malicious pains

Let me feed upon darkness so deep

Your sorrow drips, floats, and seeps

Airplane muscles so do bullet spray

Wings air buffeted wings do sway

Run, run far,far away

It is such a happy day

File divorce from feelings high

Coming down from the green sky

No don't worry, parachute man

Better than a bullet ridden ride in a tin can!