The boy with the floppy, midnight hair ran up the stairs two–at-a-time, looking in vain for the door that would lead him to her. His face clouded in relief when he found it, half-open and emitting loud, vibrant music.

He entered the room, immediately searching for her in the corners where the shadows hid couples who were partaking in early celebration, over the dancing, tipsy bodies and wherever else he could look. He had about two minutes to find her and time was running out - rapidly.

He thought he spotted her up ahead but when he had shoved everyone out his way, and had his arm out-stretched to touch her shoulder, she had turned around and winked but his heart had already deflated. She wasn't her. He'd never find her in time.

Directly across the room from him, she stood on her tip-toes, scanning the pulsing crowd, ignoring the leering looks of some of the males. Impatiently she pushed a flaming-red golden curl out of her face, her heart going slack at the thought of the minute she had left until the bells.

Both screaming in frustration, they simultaneously climbed onto the nearest high object. Having full view of the room, they spotted each other at the exact same time. Warm melted, chocolate eyes clashed with soft, water pearled orbs.

He jumped off the chair, not even waiting for his feet to hit the ground before shoving giggling teens out of his way to get to her.

She carefully climbed from the table, high heels tottering, and anticipation of a midnight kiss waking up her body.

A careless drunken man waved his hand around, spilling his drink all over the floor, starting the countdown to a new year.

She slipped on the alcohol, waving wildly in the air for something to hold on to, but there was nothing.

He shoved the last body out of the way, catching her tilting body in his arms.

People all around them were shouting "10...9...8...7...6" but all the boy and girl could hear was the rapid beating of each other's heart, pulsing together in unison.

As the bells rung out for 2010, a whole new year, sound and movement stopped for the two teenagers whose lips were suddenly glued together, unyielding.

She lay in his arms, centimetres from the ground but only caring about the feel of his body against hers, his lips, and his tongue.

He held her close to his heart, rejoicing about finding her in time and finally getting the chance to kiss the girl at midnight. She felt right so utterly right in his arms.

He lifted her up, cradling her close and then, crushing her to his chest, whispered in her ear "Happy New Year Darling" with a smile that no one could ever beat.

Finally together, ready to face the new year together, they continued to display their love for each other- lips never pulling away from their partner's- well into the night and the following years that came after, always together never leaving the other's side.

Sorry. Wanted it out before new year's and wrote it very quickly. I apologize for grammer and spelling mistakes. Hope you enjoyed it :)