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"What about Duncan, Duncan McCoy," Mabel spoke as her light voice rang in my ears, and her hazel eyes darted toward me with a questioning smile upon her lips.

It was a good proposal. Duncan was a worthy man for the job, however, I doubted him faith of course due to his reputation with woman who wouldn't. Anyone who has a list of the women they slept with is no doubt questionable. I needed a man I didn't have to fight for, as if that was possible. Those fairytale men don't exist, and if they did it wouldn't last a month.

"I have to second the Duncan proposal, he is very good looking and might I add he is sexable?" Callie chimed in as if I cared about her response, no. Callie's eyes dazzled with mischief. She was known as a trouble maker with a bad attitude.

Rolling my eyes, I let out a light sigh. The two girls who were sprawled out on my bed popped buttery popcorn in their mouths as if they were at ease with the world, while I was fighting it day in and day out. Mabel and Callie were my two best friends, however, their choice of men were skeptical. I had been set up on two blind dates by Callie and after that I will never let her set me up again.

My dilemma was not common of young women my age. Due to the old fashion rules of my family, I had to marry before I was capable of receiving my part of the trust fund, and part ownership of the multiple million dollar company my family owned. Most people might fake a wedding in order to trick their families. Our third cousin Cade tried to fake a wedding and was disowned by the family, something I would never dream of doing that. Then, all his shares were to be divided among us once we all wedded.

"I don't see why our family makes you do this before you can have any money. I mean first they make you work for everything you have and then in order to get more, you have to wed some person before you are twenty-four or else you are considered hopeless and disowned from the family," Callie spoke in one breath, "I obviously think that is ridicules."

"I don't make the rules, Callie. I just have to play by them," I said as I banged my head off of the brown leather sofa beneath me.

Of course, I was merely twenty. Therefore, one would think that would give me plenty of time to find a man, right? Wrong! My family had to approve of the man I was bringing into the family. If he was greedy, gone; if he was overprotective, gone; and if he was too short, gone. The man had to follow a very specific list, right to the T, and maybe even then he might not be good enough. My family had very high standards and sometimes it became overwhelming.

I came from a large family, consisting of my mom, my dad, my two older brothers, my twin, and my two younger sisters. Successfully, both of my older brothers found perfect wives, but for them, since they were men, it was easier. The rules were not as strict. As of females, it was hell to bring a man into the house for the first time. My twin, Aden, has no problem with women. He has been dating since the sixth grade and is loved by all, trust me. On my seventeen birthday, I was told that once I was married, I would inherit my share of the family fortune. Of course, I panicked and threw one hell of a royal fit. Ever since then, I have been searching for Mr. Right, but all I keep finding is Mr. Wrong.

"Oh Temperance, I'm sure he," Mabel hand finished her manicure and looked at me with a smile, "is out there for you. He," again with the quotations, "isn't easy to find. He isn't meant to be. If he was, Callie would have found him by now," she laughed trying to lighten up the mood while Callie gave her a lethal look.

I joined in on the laughter, but in the back of my mind I was beginning to think this search was hopeless. Although Mabel was convinced that my Mr. Right was out there, I was not. The beautiful men on the "Sexiest Men Alive" cover of People Magazine didn't seem to ease my worry either.